Friday, December 5, 2014

My New Bling

Sweater: Target Necklace: Charming Charlies
I just did a little Christmas shopping on Wednesday, and may or may not have picked up a couple of things for myself... (Don't tell my mom!!). Shopping for yourself in the month of December is kind of forbidden in our house. Whoops. #worthit

I have been looking for months for this exact sweater and this necklace. All of the chunky diamond pieces were too tacky that I had been finding until I stumbled into Charming Charlies. In my defense I went there to buy some gifts for my mom, and ended up finding this gem! I couldn't say no. I even picked it up and put it back down. Somehow it ended back in my basket. Charming Charlies is a great place to buy gifts this holiday! If you are a man and reading this (I am impressed and thank you for reading) you can go there and find many fun items for the women in your life. Or a gift card is always a great idea. Charming Charlies is located at the Tanasbourne Mall, and recently was put in at Bridgeport close to Pete's Coffee. My necklace was $18.00, just to give you a price point idea. I hope that is helpful, no woman would be mad at a gift from this store. If you are a lady reading this and have not been to this store...brace yourself!! This place is deadly in the best way possible! It's every girl's dream come true. You should probably stop reading this blog (wait don't stop reading..) and go to Charming Charlies, right MEOW! Ok or later. Maybe after work. Today though. Definitely today. Or tomorrow because it will be Saturday. Just go. That's all I have. Ok, bye.

Love and BLING