Monday, December 1, 2014

The Hair Struggle is Realllll

You guys I am driving my roommate nuts. I can NEVER make up my mind on my hair color. This is why when months go by without seeing me you barely recognize me because I have gone blonde, and then brown in a matter of 3 months. I'm annoying, I get it. I'm actually pretty certain I did this exact same post back in June because I couldn't decide what to do after I felt like my hair was too dark. I recently got my hair highlighted and don't love it. Too stripey and not natural looking. I am leaning towards going back brown but more subtle. However it never ceases to surprise me that the second I see a cute blonde girl I want blonde hair too. I watch one episode of Dancing with the Stars and I am ready to book an appointment to go ALL blonde. So I am here to say the struggle is real, and that YES I am being melodramatic. I just can't talk to Christina about it anymore because she just laughs... HELP!!! Am I better as a brunette? Do we like the ombre look, or is that just on the out and I need to move on? Blonde subtle highlights maybe?

OMBRE' - I loved this
When I had dark hair and a lot of subtle warm blonde highlights

When I went brunette, but felt it was a little too dark, washes me out

Love and HELP ME OUT!!



  1. Go brunette but not as dark as it is in the bottom picture. Regardless of what you do you will look amazing!!! Such an inspiration! Write more posts I am addicted to your blog! ❤❤❤

  2. I LOVED your ombre look as well!! Maybe this means more of a brunette look.

  3. I think, you look great with dark hair. Brunette all the way.

  4. i say ombre :) I don't think it has died and then you get the best of both worlds! I do also love the dark in the bottom picture and don't actually think it washes you out... Dark is always so fun in the winter and lets you wear pretty lips with out looking overdone and is so great with your pretty blue eyes! Although i think i still love the ombre. hahah

  5. Thank you everyone for your input!! I am thinking the warm brown look will be coming back!