Friday, December 12, 2014

This Is Me- Lover of Cooking


I really enjoying cooking. I like to be creative, and I love trying new recipes or making up my own concoctions. The picture above is a dish I just made on the fly and it was a very pleasant surprise!

INGREDIENTS: I bought all of my ingredients from Trader Joes, but you could but from wherever!
- Ravioli (Any kind, I used a pesto cheese ravioli)
- Brussels Sprout
- Chicken Sausage Pesto flavored
- Red Peppers
- Pesto Sauce
- Mexican Cheese

I boiled the brussels sprouts first as they take the longest. Boil them until they are easy to stick a fork through. Once they are soft, throw them in a skillet with olive oil and cut up red peppers. You could add more veggies if you wanted to, I just decided to stick with two. In another pot start boiling water for the ravioli to be cooked. In a small pot add pesto to be cooked on low to warm up. Next cut up chicken sausage and throw in a skillet with a little olive oil. Right now you should have veggies cooking on medium in skillet, chicken sausage cooking on medium low, pesto sauce cooking on low, and you should be throwing in ravioli to cook. This part cooks really fast. Last step once ravioli is cooked, is add some Mexican cheese (1/2 cup) to pesto and stir until melted. Drain ravioli and add all ingredients into a big bowl and you are set! I ate this meal 4 times in one week because it lasted for so long!!

This dish is healthy for the most part (just a lot of cheese). It feeds a whole family or if you are single like me, it feeds you for almost a week. This is what I'm all about! Lots of clean up unfortunately, but well worth it. I think my love of cooking goes hand in hand with my love for hosting that I wrote about last "This is Me" series. I love cooking a warm meal and enjoying it with a good glass of wine. Excited for a family of my own to do this for someday :)

Have fun with cooking my friends, it's easier than you think! Just follow the recipe, or create your own. But you can never go wrong with chicken sausage, veggies and pasta.

Love and Cooking for Fun


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