Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Birthday, Another New Year's

Boo Boo got MARRIED!!

Sauvie Island Half Marathon on the 4th of July

Sunriver with the Fam

Creekside Camp with my Girlies

Adriana's Baby Shower :)
Baby Owen Derrah was Born on November 3rd!

2015 was a good year. I got to witness so many wonderful events and spend time with family and meet personal goals. It was a good year, but it also brought some hard times. We lost some family friends this year and one of my dearest friends lost her husband to cancer. At the same time, my cousin got married so our family expanded and my dear friends Adriana and Ryan had a baby! We lost loved ones, and we gained new ones. I guess that is life. Constantly changing, and evolving and finding peace no matter your circumstances. Peace in knowing that God is there and that He is in Control.

My 2015 Goals Recapped:

-Stay with the same company for a minimum of a year (November was my 1 year mark!! This was a proud moment for me)
-Run at least one half marathon (July 4th, 2015- Sauvie Island Half)
-Focus more on fashion for my blog featuring my outfits and where I found my clothes/ accessories (I did a lot of Fashion Posts this year, and had so much fun with it!!)
-Start a bible study with my Young Life girlies (November)
-Grow closer in community with my YL leaders (Definitely a success! Love my fellow leaders and am so thankful for their dedication and friendship)
-Do something I have never done before (Can't say I accomplished this really. Or at least nothing big comes to mind. Might have to keep this one for 2016)
-Go somewhere I've never been before (I hiked Punch Bowl Falls for the first time with my cousin Christian!)
-Try lots of new recipes! (I would say this was successful, I used my crock-pot finally, and tried several new recipes when I would have friends over for dinner!) 
-Invite new people over for dinner ( I did have new people over for dinner! I had some dinner parties, which I loved and intend on doing more next year)
-Keep the same hair color for a full year (FAIL... We all knew I wasn't going to make this one, but the good news is, my last hair color has been my favorite in a long time so I plan on keeping it!! At least for a few more months ;) )
-Go to a Timbers Game (May!)
-Go to a Seattle Mariners Game (Fail)
-Plan my trip to PARIS!! (This one is complicated. I did start planning it, but some plans fell through with my travel partner. So still aiming for July 2016 but working on the travel partner part... holler if you are interested in a trip to Europe... and are female..)

Goals for 2016

-Actually go to Europe!! (London, Paris and Italy- July 2016)
-Move into Management in my Industry
-Run a Half Marathon I have never run before
-Create more Tutorials for my Blog
-Continue to Incorporate Fashion in my Blog
-Learn how to use my new camera and maybe take a photography class?
-Do something I have never done before that is really out of my comfort zone
-Go to a Mariners Game
-To always be kind to people (I could elaborate but I'm going to choose to leave it at that)
-To learn even more what it means to Follow Jesus
-Stick with one Church and call it Home

I am going to spend my birthday with family and friends today and celebrate tonight! Wishing you all a Happy 2016 Everyone- May your New Year's Eve be as fulfilling as you have dreamed it to be, and may you Uber wherever you go so you don't drink and drive... That concludes my PSA.

Love and Auld Lang Syne


Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Outfit & a Moon Family Christmas

Featuring my new Kate Spade Clutch from my cousin Christian! My first designer anything to be honest...!
Shirt: Express; Skirt: H&M; Over the Knee Socks: Fred Meyer; Boots: Fergie- Fred Meyer

What I Wore to Christmas Eve Service
For Christmas I got my brother what he always wanted... A puppy calendar and a picture of me, his favorite baby sister...Clearly he loved it...I was crying I was laughing so hard!! Ok I got him a gift card too.
Merry Christmas from the Moon's!
Love and Christmas oh How I Love You!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Celebrating Christmas

I still have so much to learn about my new camera and lighting. These photos did not capture the detail I wanted them to. 
Shirt: Old Navy (this season) Skirt: H&M (this season) Boots: Steve Madden, Nordstrom Rack (last season) Necklace: Charming Charlies (last season)

I am such a sucker for Christmas. I love it. LOVE it. The traditions, the decorations, the food, the gifts, and still the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning with a smile on my face. I know I know... I'm a 4 year old at heart. I miss sleeping on bunk beds with my brother on Christmas Eve, and him getting upset with me for keeping him awake with my excitement. I was always awake before him on Christmas morning. Sometimes I think he did it on purpose just to make me mad. But regardless the child in me comes out strong on Christmas. I am upset if traditions are messed with, and I get so giddy to unwrap gifts and to give gifts. This will be my 26th Christmas, and I am just as in love with the day as I was when I was young and got a Razor Scooter as my "surprise gift." on Christmas morning. I lost it, I was so pumped!! My two best friends got Razor scooters too and starting the day after Christmas we scootered (not an actual verb I don't think..) up and down the streets of our neighborhood. That was a good Christmas.

I was listening to the radio a few days ago, and the radio DJ asked a question to the listeners. He said, "What if you received one million dollars, but were never allowed to celebrate Christmas again, would you take the money?" It didn't take long for me to compose my answer. NO! A million times over, no way! But in that moment I realized something. As I have gotten older not only do I still love the actual day itself, but I love the season and above all else the very reason we celebrate: Jesus' Birth. I love giving gifts, and putting on pretty Holiday outfits and singing carols, but above all I am so thankful that Jesus was born that day. I am thankful that he was born, that he died and that he now lives in me because of his life.

My prayer this Holiday Season is that above all I am kind to those I interact with. I want to be gracious to people because this time can be difficult and full of heartache for some. I want to wake up every morning with thankfulness on my lips because I am healthy, I have a job I love, a roof over my head, food in my stomach and family and friends who love me and let me love on them. I hope that for you too, this season is more than just collecting presents. I hope that this season you too can find purpose in being kind to others. Purpose in remembering there is so much more to this season than just longs lines at the mall and extra traffic when you leave work. I hope you can take time to reflect on the gifts God has given you and that there is where you start your celebrating.

Love and the Reason for the Season


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What I Wore for Thanksgiving and my Black Friday Finds!

Very thankful for this cousin/best friend of mine. Glad she's local for Holidays again
Thanksgiving with my second family The Wells'. Literally had stomach cramps from all of the laughter

Finally purchased a DSLR Canon Camera!! I got this puppy for half off!!

Added this cute elk head over my bed!

Pretty much lived in this flannel hoodie all weekend from H&M

I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday weekend! I certainly did. I got lots of rest and spent a couple evenings by the fire with family. I may or may not have done a large amount of shopping too...

I have been wanting a nice DSLR camera for when I go to Europe, but also for my blog! So I have been waiting and waiting for Black Friday knowing they would have some good deals and sure enough! I got my camera for 50% off at Target for $400.00. I can't wait to start editing pictures and the noticeable difference it will make compared to my I-Phone. I ordered my memory card yesterday on Cyber Monday, so once I get that in the mail, you know what I will be doing with all my spare time! Aside from buying myself a camera, I got a few great gifts for family. I also got to go to Nike, and I plan on doing a " Nike Haul," but first I want to get my memory card so I can take the pictures with my Canon :)

Overall it was such a nice weekend with family and friends, decorating for Christmas with my roommate and amazing food!! Hope you all got to rest and enjoy family time and down time.

Cheers to December and the Count Down to Christmas!


Monday, November 16, 2015

My Ulta Haul Featuring My New Drugstore Products!

I left all of the product details in the YouTube Description. So you have to click on the YouTube link in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that lets you watch this video on in order to see the list of products. Please leave me comments with what you liked, and also what you would like to see me do! I will go over more of my hair products and routines with you on a different day. But I hope you like this one!

P.S it's kind of creepy watching yourself on film like this... I feel like my eyes look more gigantic in this video clip then they actually are in real life...?

Love and ULTA Hauls!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Adidas Haul

Here's the thing tho... I'm still a Nike girl at heart (My sweater is from Forever 21 btw. Haven't been there in over a year and found this gem)

Dying over these pants and only $20 ish dollars!

Loving this shirt, because it covers the booty! Which lessss be honest, is hard to do...


I was actually kind of surprised with all of the fun things I found at the Adidas Employee Store. I will also say, the Adidas ES is cheaper than Nike ES. I got all 5 items for $100.00. I was pretty impressed by that. But my question is... if I don't have adidas shoes, is it ok to mix and match Nike with Adidas? I feel pretty weird about it. But honestly, is it super tacky to wear different brand names from head to toe, or am I over thinking this per usual?  For example: The other day I wore my Nike yoga pants with my Nike Sky Hi Dunks and I had on an Adidas long sleeve shirt. Is that taboo? What are your thoughts??

Love and Brand Loyalty?


Monday, November 2, 2015

Finding Depth

This photo was taken at my cousin's wedding, as I prepared for my toast

Can I be honest with you guys for a minute?

I have been having a rough few months. I know I spoke of this in a few past posts so I apologize if I am coming off Debbie Downerish. I understand if you choose to never read my blog again but I figured if you are reading right now it's because you appreciate my willingness to be honest. Right? If I'm wrong, I apologize and I'm glad you at least tried my blog out once. Ha!

Yesterday I attended the Door of Hope morning service with my cousin bear Christian. That is where her and her husband attend, and I have wanted to try it out for years now. Wow. Josh White. I have missed hearing him speak. The authenticity and conviction he speaks with is something you don't find every day in a Pastor. But he spoke on "3 Treasures of Darkness" that we all need to own in order to follow Christ. 1. Sacrifice 2. Suffering and 3. Service. The term Treasure of Darkness refers to the fact that these are gifts in a way but they are hard ones to receive and demonstrate. Jesus demonstrated all three of  these acts by dying on the cross for us, and he is the illustration we are to model our lives after.

This struck me yesterday because Josh also talked about how we try and fill our lives with all this crap (money, fashion, drugs, alcohol, fame, success, you fill in the blank). We do this in order to achieve happiness by the world's standards but yet as Christians we know that it is through Christ that we find joy and joy abundantly. So why is it that we continue to fill our lives with the meaningless and chase after worldly pleasures?

I am so guilty of this! Lately I have been chasing things that I know 1. I will never achieve and 2. are empty and not worthwhile. Yesterday Josh said "We live a life of no depth because we refuse to sacrifice." That hit home so hard my eyes filled with tears. Maybe the reason I have been having such a rough time is because I have been putting Katie's needs above anyone else's. I have been too self involved and too self focused that I am losing sight of how Jesus lived his life. I can hide behind the fact that I am a Young Life leader so that automatically makes me unselfish, but that's not true and it's a cop out.

Truly I want to be a woman who sacrifices for the good of others. I want to find depth in my life because I choose to sacrifice. I want to suffer because it only shows you the desperate need you have for God to pull you through that suffering. And I want to serve because Jesus was the perfect picture of a servant and He is who I am to model my life after.

Sorry this was a long one today, just felt pretty impacted by that message and was one of those mornings where you go, "Wow that was exactly what I needed to hear." Listen to the pod-cast if you have time, it will be beneficial to you. Happy Monday friends, now go and live sacrificially.

Love and Finding Depth


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Annual Moon Family Hood River Trip


Why are my parents the cutest couple that ever happened to earth?

Well this is the extent of the pictures I have because it was raining alllll day. But for those that know me, you know our family goes to Hood River every year. It's our special family trip that we all look forward to every year. The drive, the beautiful scenery, the park was all fun, but THEN... we went to the Rasmussen Pumpkin Patch like we always do where we end our trip and they were CLOSED!!! They have retired. Seems selfish if you ask me... haha ok fine I get it they wanted to travel and spend time with their grand kids. I guess I can understand that. But it was really sad, and felt like the end of an era. We will continue going to to Hood River, but a little part of me is sad that my kids will never get to experience the Rasmussen Pumpkin Patch.

I guess it's good to start new traditions though. So with that said, I look forward to next year as we continue the tradition and as we start new ones with our ever growing family.

**Not pictured... My brother Ben, and my nephews Malachi and Max but they were there. I swear.

Love and Family Traditions


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Top 10 Reasons Why Being an Adult Doesn't Always Suck

I got my hair done last week. I had her put in a lot more dark throughout instead of a solid Ombre', I now have more of the Balyage look. It doesn't look very different in this picture but I assure you my hair is a lot darker! 

This lighting is a little easier to see all the dark she put in and the cut (she chopped a little more than I asked for but I think I look like Rachel Green from "Friends" in this picture with my hair straight. Ha!
** Also the lipstick in this picture is my new favorite fall color by MAC " Swirl."

So I've decided that growing up isn't easy. And sometimes having to choose to be an adult is not very fun. For those out there who are married or have kids it is probably even harder because you have people counting on you to be an adult. I really only have myself to blame for the moments that I choose to be a kid. So in an effort to convince myself that being a "grown up" isn't all bad, I decided to make a list of the "Top 10 Reasons Why Being an Adult Doesn't Always Suck."

10. I am in charge of my own money: I can go to Target and buy new boots when I want to and I can pay over $200 to get my hair done... :/ I actually didn't see that coming last week when she told me what I owed her. Yikes.

9. I get to choose where I live: If I wanted to move to Austin Texas tomorrow, I could. That's my choice. Currently I choose Portland, but that could change.

8. I go to bed and wake up when I say: Sometimes I just need to watch one more episode of Gilmore Girls before I am ready for lights out. In turn that means I usually give myself a half hour to get ready in the morning but again, that is completely my decision.

7. I get to wear makeup and high heels: I wear what I want without the fear of coming downstairs to "Katie Gwen you march right back upstairs and try again.." Trust me, I heard that a lot growing up.

6. I am allowed to have alcohol: I can meet a friend for Happy Hour after work, or come home and have a glass of wine with my roommate while we watch "Friday Night Lights."

5. My opinion finally matters: Whether that's at work, or with Young Life or with my family/friends, what I have to say matters. That might be partly due to the fact that I have a College Degree now, so I was actually taught how to form an opinion. College does wonderful things for a person.

4. I can listen to Rap music and watch MTV if I want: This one is self-explanatory.

3. I have my own place to live: That means I can have people over for dinner, or if someone needs a place to stay they can stay with me. My House, My Rules. (That seems appropriate to put there..)

2. I cook dinner when I want, and how I want: This also means I can eat out when I want. I'm the Boss.

1. I can be spontaneous and I have no one to report to but myself! I remember when I was a freshman in college that was a crazy concept to grasp. I no longer had to tell my mom where I was going and with whom. I got home at 2 in the morning and I wasn't grounded the next day. It was great. Now that I am an actual adult (post college is really when you are considered an adult) I go about my business as I please. A friend calls and wants to go for a hike or drive to the beach, it's up to me if I want to go! My plans, are my plans, or my lack of plans are MY lack of plans. It doesn't involve anyone else.

Well that is my list. I have been watching "Gilmore Girls" on repeat for the past month and I love Lorelais's character because she is a kid trapped in an adult's body. That is how I feel alot of the time, and I find myself wishing I was a kid again with no real responsibility. Because with that responsibility comes stress and dead lines, and bills and so on. I needed to create a list of things that are nice about being an adult. Honest moment though... Finding 10 things was actually harder than I thought. Meaning that being an adult isn't always fun, and sometimes I wish I could just hide in my bed with my head under the sheets and not have to face real life sometimes. Maybe some of you reading this can relate and maybe some of you reading this have other great reasons to share why  being an adult doesn't always suck. Please leave comments below so I have other things to be happy about. Haha!

Love and Being an Adult


Monday, October 12, 2015

My Coyote Ugly Dreams

Quite honestly life has been a whirlwind lately. Dealing with the grief of death, and asking hard questions. Looking at new career opportunities, and just feeling very adult. Why is it that when life seems to get tough that I want to bolt?! I start romanticizing moving to Nashville, or San Diego. Why does it seem harder to stay? Harder to commit? Why does it seem harder to keep at the difficulties you face? I also ask myself if I would really have the guts to just up and leave? Sometimes I actually find myself impressed by those that have the capability of uprooting and moving away. No support system where they go. No family, no familiar faces even. It sounds so exhilarating, however I have a feeling that a month or so in the feelings of loneliness find you. Maybe you start asking yourself why it sounded like a good idea in the beginning to up and leave. Maybe not. Maybe you make a friend at your new job who has a community of people you can attach to. Maybe you become part of a great church community. Maybe you decide to take a job at a bar called "Coyote Ugly," start building a name for yourself in the music arena all while you fall in love with a beautiful Australian man.. Maybe? It could happen... errr wait, that's a movie. That's right it's not real life. Ok. Glad we cleared that up.

Anyways, those of you that have just up and left. Fled. Started over. What is it like? What is great, and what is not so great? For those of you that know me well, do you think I have the guts/ability to actually leave Margaret and Steve? Because that is probably the real question here...

Love and Can't Fight the Moonlight


Monday, September 28, 2015

When You Want to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer Weather...

You get an Iced Coffee from Dutch Bros, you wear a cute outfit and you meet your cousin for Happy Hour on 23rd :)
Have y'all ever been to Fireside on 23rd? (That was the first time I think I have ever said "y'all" in a blog before...)
Well if you are looking for a different place to grab Happy Hour you should try Fireside. Cute atmosphere, and they had really delicious pumpkin soup!
Happy Monday everyone, I hope you get to enjoy the last few warm weather days!

This is my "I have a bazillion errands to run but I don't wanna Face."
Wanted to buy this hat so badddddd, but I kind of just bought one in a lighter color, so I performed self control

My Indiana Jones Look

Date Day with My Soul Sista

Love and the Dog Days of Summer


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Because High Waisted Pants are my Favorite

High Waisted Pants: H&M; Top: Express (Reversible) Heels: Nine West, DSW)

Blazer: H&M

I was going to write a blog about what an overwhelming week it has been, but halfway through I changed my mind. I really didn't feel like sharing the details of the tough week it has been. But I will say this, lots of grown up moments have been experienced in the past week. The times where I get to feel like a kid are so few and far between now days. I'm not even a wife or mom yet, I should probably live it up now when I am really only responsible for myself.

For now though, I think I just want to keep this blog short and share my fun office attire with you. I consider it a big Win for me when I find office attire that I love to wear out after work to meet a friend for happy hour or whatever. I shop almost exclusively at Express and H&M for my office wear. Where do you all get your favorite office attire from? Please don't say J-Crew because I will get upset and jealous. I haven't reached that point in my career yet where I can afford such a store. Doesn't mean I don't window shop there from time to time and dream of the jackets, and dresses I hope to afford someday. But for now I browse the sections of Express and H&M that are usually on sale or are just too irresistible.

I promise to fill you in more on these grown up moments I was so vague about prior. But for now, I hope you are all enjoying these warm fall days and have enjoyed at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte this season.

Love and Go Beavs, Cheers to Pumpkin Everything, oh and Yay for High Waisted Work Pants!


Sunday, September 20, 2015

This One's for you Tim!

Last Tuesday my friend Tim went to be with Jesus. Tim and I went to high school together. We were in the same French class. Tim was funny. The kind of funny that was effortless and witty. He was smart too. Very smart in fact. I became friends with Tim quickly, because it was easy. 

Tim was also the kind of man that everyone cared about and was friends with. He was our Senior Homecoming King. Everyone liked Tim. Well Tim liked my friend Katie Westfall. Katie and I were best friends. She moved down the street from me in 6th grade. She became my best friend the moment she Razor scootered herself over to my driveway to introduce herself. 

Tim and Katie were high school sweethearts. They continued their relationship through college as they dated long distance with Tim at The University of Washington, and Katie with me at Oregon State. After they graduated in 2011, Tim proposed marriage to my sweet friend Katie in a garden of roses promising a lot of tomorrows together. 

Months after their engagement we found out Tim was very sick. Cancer they told us. Of course we were all confused being that Tim was so active and seemingly so healthy. We immediately began praying and asking God for healing. 

Tim and Katie got married in December of that same year, and I had the honor of being a Bridesmaid in their very sweet and beautiful wedding. Not long after their wedding we celebrated the victory of Tim being cancer free! However it came back, and so continued the battle he had of fighting for his life. 

Tim was courageous in ways I cannot comprehend. He was loving and giving amidst his own pain, and sickness. He was a wonderful husband to my dear friend and he gave so much to his community, church, family and friends. His life had so much meaning because he represented faith in hard times, and he leaned on the Lord for his support and strength. 

My heart is so broken for my dear friend Katie, and I ask that those of you who might be reading this would keep her in your prayers. She is strong, brave and extremely selfless. I am incredibly blessed to know her, and to have her example before me of a woman who trusts in the Lord in impossible circumstances. 


We all love you and miss you. The joy I have for you is that you are no longer in pain and that you get to be with Jesus. Thank you for your friendship and for loving Katie as well as you did. Our world will never be the same without you in it, but know that you will never be forgotten and I thank you for all the strength and faith you demonstrated for all of us. You are an inspiration my friend, and God is going to use your story to influence others for his Kingdom! So until I see you again where pain is no more, you will be missed and remembered always. 

Love your friend,

 Katie Moon