Friday, February 27, 2015


I'm a flirt. But not in the way I think you think I mean. I mean in my mind. I flirt with ideas. I flirt with romanticism's. I flirt in Target, in Home Goods, in card shops and on Alaskan airlines dot com. On occasion I flirt with the handsome stranger. But do you know what I mean? Are we speaking the same language here? Do you flirt? Do you flirt with ideas like I do?

Do you consider tattoos? How about vacations? Maybe a new piece of furniture? I am constantly flirting. Maybe I am more of a visionary than I give myself credit for? Maybe I am more of a romantic than I tend to tell people. Regardless I know what a flirt I am with how often my brain is elsewhere considering the effects a trip to Hawaii would have on me. How if I had bought that one dress for that upcoming wedding then I would feel beautiful.

I think the word flirt can get a bad rap, but I am here to take back the word and further state what a Flirt I really am.

Love and Getting My Flirt On


Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Swear I Lived

Photos from yesterday with my beautiful cousin Leah downtown off 23rd

She said whaaaaaa?

Don't Mess

From the rough part of town...

I say yes to Barista

Overalls: H&M; Flannel: Target; Thermal: Target; Shoes: Chuck Taylors, Nordstrom

I love that One Republic song "I Lived." The song embodies living every day to the full.

"I hope you spend your days, but they all add up." This is how I want to live my life. This means so many different things to me. I want to drink good coffee, good beer and good wine. I want to cook phenomenal meals and invite people into my home. I want to help others and be generous with my money. I want to make people feel loved and important. I want to capture moments and remember how I felt during that moment. I want to write a book and create meaningful art. I want to see the world and understand how others live. I want to fall in love with someone who loves me just as I am. I want to have babies of my own, and teach them the love of Christ. I want to feel beautiful and strong. I want to make spontaneous decisions. I want to stay up late laughing, and see more sunsets and sunrises. I want to drive across country, and kiss my love in front of the Eiffel Tower. I want to ride a roller coaster without crying, and show my kids how brave mommy is. I want to love others like Jesus did.

I want to live life to the fullest! I want to stop taking days for granted. Are you with me?!

Love and Living Life to the Full!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A New Season

Sunshine and Sunglasses
I was reading this morning Psalm 96: "Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth. Sing to the Lord praise his name, proclaim his salvation day after day." I loved this! How true of the season I'm in. It is time to sing a new song, and time to focus on new things. Time for happiness and spontaneity! Reading it this morning it just rang so true, and got me excited. Especially with this weather we've been having which is reminiscent of Spring which characterizes new beginnings as well. During the winter there is no life, the spring everything is budding and blossoming and then summer time everything is in full bloom. Aren't the seasons so beautiful and meaningful? I already feel ready for baseball games. GOAL for the Spring: Mariner's game!! It's going to happen. I believe.
Love and Singing a New Song 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Time for a Change

As some of you know my roommate/good friend Christina and I just moved out of our darling home in Multnomah Village. We moved into a Condo and we are in the process of making it feel like home. It is a wonderful space and I feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to live there. We still have unpacked boxes laying places and not one thing is hanging yet on my walls, but regardless it was time for a fresh start.

The picture above was from yesterday morning on my balcony. I was sitting by the fire reading my Bible and sipping coffee when I looked up and out of nowhere splashes of hot pink, orange, red and purple appeared. A smile painted my face instantaneously. Isn't it fascinating how dark the world can be, and then so suddenly you start to see the light and the beauty. I think life works a lot like the setting and rising of the sun. Life can be good for a season, it can be great even! However it won't last. We are not promised happiness. Sometimes the sun has to set and the darkness has to come, but with certainty we know the sun will surely rise again.

Our condo reflects this imagery, and it was time for a change. For both of us.

Can't wait for our place to be all set up, and for dinner parties to commence. So here's to the sun rising again, as I know it will!

Love and Not Missing the Lessons in Life


Me and Christina- Blessed by her friendship as she grows more and more like a sister