Friday, February 27, 2015


I'm a flirt. But not in the way I think you think I mean. I mean in my mind. I flirt with ideas. I flirt with romanticism's. I flirt in Target, in Home Goods, in card shops and on Alaskan airlines dot com. On occasion I flirt with the handsome stranger. But do you know what I mean? Are we speaking the same language here? Do you flirt? Do you flirt with ideas like I do?

Do you consider tattoos? How about vacations? Maybe a new piece of furniture? I am constantly flirting. Maybe I am more of a visionary than I give myself credit for? Maybe I am more of a romantic than I tend to tell people. Regardless I know what a flirt I am with how often my brain is elsewhere considering the effects a trip to Hawaii would have on me. How if I had bought that one dress for that upcoming wedding then I would feel beautiful.

I think the word flirt can get a bad rap, but I am here to take back the word and further state what a Flirt I really am.

Love and Getting My Flirt On


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