Thursday, March 26, 2015

Every Girl Should Have the Chance to Feel Young and Pretty in Paris

I know you guys are probably sick of reading about my travel bug, I get it. This is one of those sorry I'm not sorry moments. Spring time calls for vacation dreaming. We made it through the worst of the weather (even though we had it pretty easy this year) and now I want to be in a place with sunshine and palm trees, or in a place with Eiffel Towers...

But really I just want to go to Paris and ride a bicycle, and sit in a cafĂ© while I sip espresso and eat a freshly baked croissant. I want to sit there and write. I want to dream, I want to breath in culture. I want to wear fun hats and pretty dresses with high heels. I want to kiss a stranger and never see him again. I want to do cartwheels at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. I want to ride the Ferris Wheel and see the city from up high. I want to stroll the Avenue Des Champs-Elysees. I want to have this memory forever, where I got to feel young and I got to feel pretty in Paris.

Love and Dreaming... What's New?


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Current Mood


Looking for 1. An adventure
2. An adventure buddy

If that means a dog, so be it. It sure seems romantic to travel with just a backpack and a pup. Not sure of the safety, or the probability of this. I do love this photo though. I do think a friend would be preferable...
I am open.
But I need to get away.
Preferably Paris.
Most likely for now it will be California.
Wishing I had enough money to travel for 6 months straight.
Travel Bug. A serious case.
Help me.
Donate money to my cause?
Considering a fundraiser.
A car wash? Nah.
Dog walking? Nah.
Any suggestions?
Work at a coffee stand on my "days off"?
Ok fine, I will just sell my American Girl Doll collection for thousands of dollars.
Wait, I can't do that. Too many memories.
Ok so I suppose the old fashioned way will have to work. Saving a little every paycheck.
I. Just. Need. To. Be. In. Paris. Before. My. 30th. Birthday.
Ooooo Maybe New Years (My Bday) In Paris.
That would be AMAZING!
Plan under works currently.
K Bye.

Love and the Need for Risk and Adventure

-Kate, the Parisian freak

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Family is a Haven in a Heartless World

Have you all met my pretty cutie pants cousin Leah?! Leah just moved here from Colorado last month, originally from Ohio. It has been so much fun having her here, it feels more like I am finally the older sister I've always wanted to be!! Haha, maybe you should ask Leah how she feels about that she might disagree. She really fits right in with all of us, and I am so grateful for her friendship already. I love having more family in town, and more of a friend to share Holidays with too.

Leah is so beautiful, but she is also so witty and full of creativity. She is a friend, and someone I can laugh with and share my life with. To have friends that are also family can be rare but I am so fortunate that my family is who I want to spend my time with. The ones I make room for in my life, and make sacrifices for. The ones I can count on to pray for me and to hug me when it's been a bad day. The ones that I know will in return drop everything to help me.

I am so glad you live in Portland now and you fit in like you've been here for years! You make our family get-togethers better and I love how our family continues to grow. So welcome home my friend, and you better get used to our wacky family gatherings and many many nights of games and watching sports.

Love and I'm Glad You're Here


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fashion Risks

Channeling Kaitlyn Bristowe
Ever since the beanie craze started a few years ago I have wanted to be the girl who casually rocks the beanie. Bad hair day? Throw on the beanie. Going for the "Oh I just woke up like this look," then throw on yo beanie. The problem: I have tried beanie after beanie after beanie and never have found one I could pull off. So I was determined and I finally found a beanie from Urban Outfitters that I sort of kind of liked. I have been determined to find an outfit and a mood to match the beanie and this past weekend finally felt that with the sun, I could make it happen. So I channeled my best Kaitlyn Bristowe look with the magenta lipstick and worked the confident walk that said "why yes, I do wear beanies well... thank you." Even though I'm still not 100% sold on the look on me, I tried!!
What fashion risks do you take? Maybe you don't risk it but it's high time you do! Explore new possibilities, and as I always say: "You can wear anything if you wear it with confidence."
Love and Fashion Risks