Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Looking for 1. An adventure
2. An adventure buddy

If that means a dog, so be it. It sure seems romantic to travel with just a backpack and a pup. Not sure of the safety, or the probability of this. I do love this photo though. I do think a friend would be preferable...
I am open.
But I need to get away.
Preferably Paris.
Most likely for now it will be California.
Wishing I had enough money to travel for 6 months straight.
Travel Bug. A serious case.
Help me.
Donate money to my cause?
Considering a fundraiser.
A car wash? Nah.
Dog walking? Nah.
Any suggestions?
Work at a coffee stand on my "days off"?
Ok fine, I will just sell my American Girl Doll collection for thousands of dollars.
Wait, I can't do that. Too many memories.
Ok so I suppose the old fashioned way will have to work. Saving a little every paycheck.
I. Just. Need. To. Be. In. Paris. Before. My. 30th. Birthday.
Ooooo Maybe New Years (My Bday) In Paris.
That would be AMAZING!
Plan under works currently.
K Bye.

Love and the Need for Risk and Adventure

-Kate, the Parisian freak

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