Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Family is a Haven in a Heartless World

Have you all met my pretty cutie pants cousin Leah?! Leah just moved here from Colorado last month, originally from Ohio. It has been so much fun having her here, it feels more like I am finally the older sister I've always wanted to be!! Haha, maybe you should ask Leah how she feels about that she might disagree. She really fits right in with all of us, and I am so grateful for her friendship already. I love having more family in town, and more of a friend to share Holidays with too.

Leah is so beautiful, but she is also so witty and full of creativity. She is a friend, and someone I can laugh with and share my life with. To have friends that are also family can be rare but I am so fortunate that my family is who I want to spend my time with. The ones I make room for in my life, and make sacrifices for. The ones I can count on to pray for me and to hug me when it's been a bad day. The ones that I know will in return drop everything to help me.

I am so glad you live in Portland now and you fit in like you've been here for years! You make our family get-togethers better and I love how our family continues to grow. So welcome home my friend, and you better get used to our wacky family gatherings and many many nights of games and watching sports.

Love and I'm Glad You're Here


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