Thursday, April 9, 2015


 All I can think about as of late: California Vacation. I don't need a full week. Just a solid weekend of laying on the sand and jumping in the ocean. Just need a little rejuvenation, just a quick Vitamin D pick-me-up. Craving a walk around town in a dress and my Ray-Bans. Maybe a fun pedicure to wear with wedges. Needing a run on the boardwalk with the sun on my face. Stroll the shoreline with an iced coffee in my hand. Well hopefully soon anyways :)
For now, I am looking forward to this weekend away in Bend/Sisters with my mama and to witness a friend's wedding. It will be nice to be away for a weekend.
What do you all have planned for the weekend ahead?!?!
Love and Can I be on the Beach Pweeeeeese?!?!
Love Kate

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