Monday, April 13, 2015

He Keeps Me Grounded

Picture from my weekend away in Bend this last weekend, what a nice weekend away to see family and to witness my good friend Dan's wedding.

Do you ever get caught up in the busy-ness of life like I do? Work, fitness, health, friends, family, weddings, birthday parties, ministry, errands, keeping the house tidy, money management, dating. The list goes on! Life doesn't seem to slow down as you get older, it seems to magically speed up. Doesn't seem fair if you ask me. I finally completed school, and now I'm really living!! Right?! Or is that true? I should be. But if I'm being honest with you I get so lost in my schedule. It's as if I become a slave to my planner. Adrift in my OCD need for structure I sometimes forget to stay grounded with the one I need the most in my life. I get so lost in my routine of running in the morning or getting extra sleep that I find I'm rushing out the door before checking in with the one who reminds me of my center.

I've found that for me, sometimes my most precious moments with the Lord aren't planned, and they aren't even necessarily when I've buried my head in scripture. Rather it is simply putting worship music on in my bathroom as I put makeup on and do my hair. It's in these small moments that make such a large impact on the rest of my day. A moment to worship and thank the Creator for the blessings in my life. To thank him for the hard things too that have gotten me to where I am with him today. This beautiful relationship where I am reminded of my foundation. The truest thing about me is that I am created by God our Father, and above all else this is where I find my confidence and my joy!

I was reminded of that this morning, as worshipful tears filled my eyes and I was able to just stop for a moment and lift my hands to the one who grounds me. Just these sweet stolen moments where I can whisper to my God how in love I am with him, and how thankful I am for his presence in my life. That I do NOT take that for granted.

Do you have stolen moments like me? Have you ever thought about the ways in which you connect best with the Lord? I know without a doubt that music and worship is when I am most filled with his Spirit. Praying that those who may read this today are encouraged to have "check-in" moments with the one who wants to remind you just how loved you are. So check in with him, he's anxiously waiting!

Love and Staying Grounded


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