Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Red Lipstick You Have Been Searching For

SHADE: RUBY WOO by MAC $16.00 for the lipstick and $16.00 for the lip liner

I remember when I was little, I would watch my mom put her lipstick on before we would leave the house. I also remember thinking that I would never grow up to wear lipstick. It was messy and unnecessary and it was for old people. Fast forward 15ish years and it has become my very favorite accessory. The perfect way to make your eyes pop and to feel lovely and sexy all at the same time.
I especially love wearing little eye makeup (pictured above) such as just mascara and then adding a bold lip. Girls with blue eyes: Red lipstick will only make your eyes stand out more!

For years, (I promise I'm not being melodramatic) I have searched for the perfect shade of red. I have tried so many different kinds, and brands and was let down time and time again until... RUBY WOO!! The perfect color and it is a matte lip. This just means that you can wear it as is, or you can add a shine to it to dress it up if you want. I got the pencil too just so I could outline my top lip since it is less defined than my bottom. With such a stated color, using a lip liner simply helps with definition. I recommend it, but it is of course not 100% necessary.

MORAL OF THE STORY PEOPLE: You need to stop buying any other kind of red lipstick, until you at least give Ruby Woo a chance. It is such a sophisticated red. Makes me feel like I'm straight out of the 1920's and should be walking around in a pencil skirt with soft curls off my face and a cigarette in my hand.... only kidding about the cigarette mom...

Love sharing products I love, so I hope you give this lipstick a shot and let me know what you think!

Love and RUBY WOO, I'm so glad we were introduced


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