Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Trying Something New

Bye- Bye Donuts :(

Guys I am trying something new. I am extending myself in a whole new way. I am not alone, as my sister-in-law Summer and my cousin Leah are doing this with me! So mostly I am writing this for the accountability, and for any encouragement you might offer?!

I am going to be participating in a program called "Whole 30."

To break it down for you, starting today and for the next 29 days I am only allowed to eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and plenty of good fats i.e almonds and avocados. So bye-bye sugar, alcohol, grains of any kind and dairy... :/ wait am I sure about this?!

Has anyone else done this before? Any tips, or suggestions? Any recipes to share?

I am excited to see how I will do with this and how it will help me! Supposedly it resets your cravings, and helps with digestion, gives you increased energy not to mention weight loss. Curious to see also how this will affect my training for my half marathon.

My goal is to not only take before and after pictures, but to also document how this affects my energy, and overall health. I will let you know how I feel along the way, there may be some whining from time to time, but I really want to stick to this!! So please any encouragement you may have, especially those of you who have done this before it is much appreciated!

So here is to health and wellness and official accountability by posting this!

Love and Whole 30...BRING IT!!


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