Thursday, May 14, 2015

Never Lose Sight of Who You Are

What better way of showing self confidence than by a selfie...

Growing up I was raised in a family that is the very definition of supportive. My parents were not the kind that allowed me to do whatever I wanted when I wanted, but yet they allowed creative freedom and permitted any and all dreaming. I was given clear boundaries so I knew what was expected of me and knew the difference between right and wrong. I had the kind of parents that believed in me and my abilities and encouraged my talents.
If ever I got a good grade on a test, or I scored a goal on the soccer field, made it to Districts for Track, when I became Homecoming Princess, or when I graduated college my parents were the first people I would share my life with. They have also been the ones that I go to when hard things find their way to my front door and I need a sounding board or someone to understand my pain with me. Now my parents are the ones that stand at the finish line when I run my half marathons, and they are the ones I go to when I need reminders of my abilities and my blessings.
Do you ever find you lose sight of your talents and skills, or that someone tries to take them away from you? Well I have been there, and I have sat in those lies before. As I get older I get better at reminding myself of my proficiency, but people try to take those truths from you.
My hope is that you have someone in your life that can be what my parents are for me. Someone that gets excited to celebrate victories with you and someone who will empathize with you and pray with you when you aren't sure how to move forward from crippling fear or anxiety.
But never, I mean never lose sight of you who you are and never let someone take from you your self confidence. Life is too short, and I am getting too old for that garbage.

Love and Ima Do Me


  1. I hope that everyone finds someone like this in their life. Thanks for sharing.