Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Crop-Top

South Waterfront: Photo Cred- Kristin Gregory
Top: Nordstrom; Jeans: H&M; Sandals: Target (everyone and their mom has these)

So today is the day where I finally show off the crop-top. This photo was taken a couple weeks back when it was a very warm weekend in Portland. Went for a walk on the waterfront with the rest of the population of Portland. Holy smokes it was crowded and mostly over-stimulating. But still fun to walk around on a beautiful day! 

I have been pinning on Pinterest for over a year now girls wearing crop tops with cute skirts on or jeans. I have been wrestling with the crop-top for awhile now debating it's level of appropriateness. However considering it is being strutted on the Red Carpet, in Weddings and in every Magazine I felt it was time to cave. Ok fine, if you want to look at it like I succumbed to peer pressure you can go ahead and do that. I will choose to look at it as though I am young-ish keeping up with the hipsters. I will always have this photo to look back on someday when I force my children to admire how cool their mom was... I mean is... yikes. (Side Note: don't get me started on my personal opinion of what kind of mom I will be. Another story for another day). I also have a strong feeling I will somehow force them to read all of my blogs... also a story for another time. Anywayssss.... I knew if I was going to do the crop top look and feel confident I would start at Nordstrom and see what they had to offer. This top by "Lush" (my FAVORITE brand) nailed it. Of course it comes in other colors and I just bought it last month so they still might have some! 

But really I am here to say to heck with the haters and judgers (not a word..?) Not only is it 2015 where apparently crop-tops are everywhere, but YOLO right? So if you have been wrestling with the crop-top like I had been, just know you have my support. Wear what you want to wear, and remember my motto: YOU CAN WEAR ANYTHING AS LONG AS YOU WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE!

Love and Crop-tops


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