Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Results are In... Whole 30

Day Before Whole 30 Started

1/2 Way Point 
Day After Whole 30 Ended

I can say that I noticed the most weight loss in my legs, and I am currently training for a half marathon. So the mix of eating better, training and lifting weights made my results more effective (even if you can't tell the difference from day before the diet til now, I can feel the difference)

So here is my conclusion are you ready?? Whole 30 REALLY works. It really truly does. I believe in it. Here is my disclaimer however... I will say that I was not entirely true to the diet after the first two weeks. So here is my break down in two week segments

Day 1-14. I followed the plan pretty rigidly other than a little cream in my coffee and I ate peanut butter instead of almond butter because almond butter is fricken expensive. Those first two weeks, I felt amazing, and had so much pride in my diet and also woke up everyday feeling like I had lost weight. It wasn't easy, but at the same time I was amazed at how well I was coping without sugar and carbs. I am a big bread person. I love crackers, chips, and pretty much anything I can dip. So it was hard to give that up, and I also get a bad sweet tooth at night. So I had to deny my body of that crap and drink tea instead and I felt AMAZING when I would wake up in the morning.

Day 15-30. I really fell off the wagon here because I got so tired of telling my friends I couldn't just go grab food with them, or it made eating with my family harder too. A very hard part of WHOLE 30 is the meal prepping. If I hadn't cooked or prepared food the night before I was in deep trouble the next day going to work because I would have to just snack on almonds all day. It left me feeling hangry orrrr I would cave and go get a wrap or something from Trader Joes.

What I would do differently next time: Meal Prep, Meal Prep, Meal Prep!!! I didn't make it a priority most nights and I should have to be prepared for lunch. Also once you decide to "cheat once" on the diet you might as well just be done with it. You cheat once and you will keep making excuses. So don't do what I did, and really go for it all 30 days!! I want to do this again soon, and see if I can go farther now that I have a little wisdom/ insight.

What I learned the most from this experience: That this doesn't need to just be a 30 day type of challenge. Yes it's good to flush your system and re-set your cravings and all of that but I learned so much more than that. This can be more of a lifestyle change overall! I'm not psycho about my diet by any means (Literally went to the Matador last night and chowed on nachos and margaritas) but I would really like to watch my carb intake and my constant need to satisfy my chocolate cravings. Making eggs in the morning for breakfast with tomato and avocado. Having wayyyy more veggies and cutting down on dairy. These are things I want to pay attention to. Cutting those things out in the first two weeks made me feel amazzzzing. But I am a very social person, and often times I meet people for dinner or drinks or both and I don't want to turn that down. Treating yourself every once in awhile is ok in my mind. Makes quality of living much higher :)

If you are looking to try a diet, I would definitely recommend Whole 30! See how far you can push yourself. Also Instagram has great recipes on there, so follow @whole30recipes. And get ready to eat a lot of sweet potatoes. Let me know if you are interested in this diet and I can share more of what I learned. E-mail me at

Love and Let's Eat Healthy People!


 (Now time for a 7 mile run :)

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