Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Don't Be Fooled by My High Heels

Top: Forever 21; Skirt: Express; Heels: Nordstrom BP

You guys, I'm a country girl!! This weekend I was in Sandy, OR helping my friend house sit (it's a big job...) Even just being out in the country for one evening reminded me of how peaceful it is and how necessary it is. Don't get me wrong, I love the city! I love getting happy hour and walking around 23rd. I love wearing high heels and pencil skirts a LOT, but I think my soul is most satisfied when I can look out and see hills, mountains and fields. To breath the fresh air, unaware of where my phone is, a puppy to play catch with and a beer in my hand. I love Rodeos, my cowboy boots, country dancing and front porches. Does that qualify me as country? What do people do when they are caught in-between? Perhaps they live in West Linn? Close enough to the big city but still in countryside. Maybe and I'm just dreaming here but maybe I could have a place in the country to get away to but have a house in the city. Maybe a cute loft in Portland and a cabin at the mountain?

Who knows! But these are the internal conflicts I deal with on a somewhat regular basis. How do you choose?!

Do you guys struggle with this too? How do you decide to live one place?

Love and the Struggle is REAL


Friday, June 26, 2015

Vacation Time... Almost

In need of a vacation. Thank goodness Sunriver was created. In all it's wilderness glory with pools and restaurants, bike paths and water slides. It's that time again for the Moon's to Take Sunriver. 6 Adults, 2 babies and food for dayssss. Time to rest, get long quiet mornings with coffee and Jesus, run the paths, play with my nephews, drink wine with my sister-in-law and play in the pool.

Desperately needing a few days back to back off to clear my head as they say, and restructure the creativity in my brain that gets all clogged up when I am too busy with my personal life.

Excited for a few days with my family who love to laugh, be silly, play games and enjoy good food/ drink. Thank you Jesus for my family who I get to do life with. Unbelievably Blessed.

PS. 8 day Countdown to my Race!

Love and Thank you Jesus for Paid Vacations

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My First Love

26 days til my Half Marathon!
Had someone ask me at the gym last week if I was training for a competition... perhaps that means I need to lay off the bicep curls...

As some of you know I am running the Sauvie Island Half Marathon this 4th of July. This is my second time running this race and it was such a blast last time, I knew I wanted to do it again. Considering making it a tradition! Maybe someday I will be that psycho mom who makes her kids run with her and it can be a family affair. Ha! Just wait though...

When I run I see it as my time. My time to think, my time to push limits, my time to sort through thoughts I have had all tangled up in my mind all week but haven't had two seconds to process. Because I am training I have a lot more time to do this with my longer runs. 

Something kind of crazy has happened my past two long runs though. As I am in stride, full thought, finally thinking through exactly how I want to execute a party I am throwing, or how I am going to time manage cleaning my house, running errands and cooking dinner; I am stopped dead in my tracks. I am face to face with the most beautiful deer. I quickly look around to see if anyone else is seeing what I'm seeing and I realize how alone I am out on this trail. Just me and this deer. 

The following week (just this past Sunday) I was running trails for a 9 miler and as I was rounding a corner once again I was stopped in my tracks as I stare at this beautiful animal, another deer! 

In Oregon it isn't uncommon to spot a deer every now and then. Usually from afar, and usually when I am driving to Central Oregon. Rarely do you get to see a deer so up close. They are such skiddish animals too that if you do see one it isn't for long. But after I saw two deer in a matter of two weeks right in front of me on these trails I started thinking that maybe it was a gift. I truly believe that God romances us through nature, if we choose to look at it that way. To give him the Glory in it, and to be reminded of his love for us. I felt that way on Sunday when I was running. That God was trying to remind me that He is my First Love. He had to literally stop me in my tracks because I have been so caught up in work lately and planning parties and working on projects that I haven't been giving God my full attention. I am thankful for his gentle reminders, and want to be better about looking for his signs in my daily life, not just when I go for runs. 

Praying you look for these small and grand reminders in your life. Take time to stop and be still with the Lord like I was gently reminded of this past week. He loves us so much that he wants to be close to us and spend time with us. He wants us to hand him our burdens and sit with him in the early morning. All you have to do is make the time, he will do the rest. 

Love and Sweet Reminders


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sweet Caroline

Baseball. My absolute favorite sport to watch. So much nostalgia built into baseball for me. Years of playing myself, years of watching my brother play and then in college when I worked for the Oregon State University Beavers Baseball team. There is something magical about watching a baseball game. Sitting in the stands, sun is out, sunflower seeds in hand and your Chuck Taylor's on. It's a slow game mostly, but when the time is right and the pitch is perfect the excitement builds as you watch the ball fly past the fence and it's a HOMERUN!! In that moment it 's like you caught a glimpse of history; a special memory you will never forget. 

One day it is a dream of mine to sit in the stands of Fenway Park and cheer on the Boston Red Sox. BUCKET LIST! And when it comes my day to get to do that you better believe Ima be in my gear. The best place I have found for baseball gear is fanatics.com. I went with the Brand Basic Logo Cleanup Adjustable Hat in navy blue. I wanted to keep it classic and I also have a surprisingly small head for a grown up so I needed the adjustable back. It will fit any head size :) You can also go here to see all of the different Boston Red Sox hats Fanatics has that might fit your personal style better. 

Want to recreate my look? Visit fanatics.com to purchase an MLB hat today in your style and send me your version of "Sporty Chic." They helped me find a way to make sitting in the bleachers a little more stylish. Take some fashion risks and dress up your hat. Show me your favorite team, and how you rep them!

**Photos taken by Leah Moon, Ben Holtrop and Christian Maynard**

Love and Good Times Never Seemed So Good