Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My First Love

26 days til my Half Marathon!
Had someone ask me at the gym last week if I was training for a competition... perhaps that means I need to lay off the bicep curls...

As some of you know I am running the Sauvie Island Half Marathon this 4th of July. This is my second time running this race and it was such a blast last time, I knew I wanted to do it again. Considering making it a tradition! Maybe someday I will be that psycho mom who makes her kids run with her and it can be a family affair. Ha! Just wait though...

When I run I see it as my time. My time to think, my time to push limits, my time to sort through thoughts I have had all tangled up in my mind all week but haven't had two seconds to process. Because I am training I have a lot more time to do this with my longer runs. 

Something kind of crazy has happened my past two long runs though. As I am in stride, full thought, finally thinking through exactly how I want to execute a party I am throwing, or how I am going to time manage cleaning my house, running errands and cooking dinner; I am stopped dead in my tracks. I am face to face with the most beautiful deer. I quickly look around to see if anyone else is seeing what I'm seeing and I realize how alone I am out on this trail. Just me and this deer. 

The following week (just this past Sunday) I was running trails for a 9 miler and as I was rounding a corner once again I was stopped in my tracks as I stare at this beautiful animal, another deer! 

In Oregon it isn't uncommon to spot a deer every now and then. Usually from afar, and usually when I am driving to Central Oregon. Rarely do you get to see a deer so up close. They are such skiddish animals too that if you do see one it isn't for long. But after I saw two deer in a matter of two weeks right in front of me on these trails I started thinking that maybe it was a gift. I truly believe that God romances us through nature, if we choose to look at it that way. To give him the Glory in it, and to be reminded of his love for us. I felt that way on Sunday when I was running. That God was trying to remind me that He is my First Love. He had to literally stop me in my tracks because I have been so caught up in work lately and planning parties and working on projects that I haven't been giving God my full attention. I am thankful for his gentle reminders, and want to be better about looking for his signs in my daily life, not just when I go for runs. 

Praying you look for these small and grand reminders in your life. Take time to stop and be still with the Lord like I was gently reminded of this past week. He loves us so much that he wants to be close to us and spend time with us. He wants us to hand him our burdens and sit with him in the early morning. All you have to do is make the time, he will do the rest. 

Love and Sweet Reminders


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