Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sweet Caroline

Baseball. My absolute favorite sport to watch. So much nostalgia built into baseball for me. Years of playing myself, years of watching my brother play and then in college when I worked for the Oregon State University Beavers Baseball team. There is something magical about watching a baseball game. Sitting in the stands, sun is out, sunflower seeds in hand and your Chuck Taylor's on. It's a slow game mostly, but when the time is right and the pitch is perfect the excitement builds as you watch the ball fly past the fence and it's a HOMERUN!! In that moment it 's like you caught a glimpse of history; a special memory you will never forget. 

One day it is a dream of mine to sit in the stands of Fenway Park and cheer on the Boston Red Sox. BUCKET LIST! And when it comes my day to get to do that you better believe Ima be in my gear. The best place I have found for baseball gear is I went with the Brand Basic Logo Cleanup Adjustable Hat in navy blue. I wanted to keep it classic and I also have a surprisingly small head for a grown up so I needed the adjustable back. It will fit any head size :) You can also go here to see all of the different Boston Red Sox hats Fanatics has that might fit your personal style better. 

Want to recreate my look? Visit to purchase an MLB hat today in your style and send me your version of "Sporty Chic." They helped me find a way to make sitting in the bleachers a little more stylish. Take some fashion risks and dress up your hat. Show me your favorite team, and how you rep them!

**Photos taken by Leah Moon, Ben Holtrop and Christian Maynard**

Love and Good Times Never Seemed So Good


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