Friday, June 26, 2015

Vacation Time... Almost

In need of a vacation. Thank goodness Sunriver was created. In all it's wilderness glory with pools and restaurants, bike paths and water slides. It's that time again for the Moon's to Take Sunriver. 6 Adults, 2 babies and food for dayssss. Time to rest, get long quiet mornings with coffee and Jesus, run the paths, play with my nephews, drink wine with my sister-in-law and play in the pool.

Desperately needing a few days back to back off to clear my head as they say, and restructure the creativity in my brain that gets all clogged up when I am too busy with my personal life.

Excited for a few days with my family who love to laugh, be silly, play games and enjoy good food/ drink. Thank you Jesus for my family who I get to do life with. Unbelievably Blessed.

PS. 8 day Countdown to my Race!

Love and Thank you Jesus for Paid Vacations


  1. And I'm comin' out to see you guys! Woo Hoo!!!!

  2. Yay Cath, that makes me so happy!!