Friday, July 24, 2015

Through it All My Eyes Are on You

I had some sweet time with Jesus this morning listening to "It is Well" by Bethel. In the song it talks about how the Wind and Waves know God's name! I just love that!! No matter how messed up our Nation is, no matter how much my own life is in chaos, God is still in control and he is still GOD! In all his Glory, Power and Dominion he still RULES and REIGNS. He is the one sitting on the throne, not Obama, not Oprah, not Taylor Swift (even though I love her) and certainly not Katie Moon. When our terrorist infected, diseased, selfish, over indulged, sickly world forgets who God is I am reminded that our Creation never forgets. The wind and waves, the trees and the animals all proclaim his power, his brilliance and his authority. All I have to do is trust him, and in that I find peace and restoration. When our Political Leaders make poor decisions, when children are abused, when people decide to kill innocent bystanders in a movie theatre, or when Donald Trump decides to run for President I know that God is still in control! So with that, in the quietness of the morning, I get to whisper and sing to my sweet and patient Lord that HE is the one I place my belief and trust in.

Love and Keeping my Eyes on Him


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Romp Romp Romper

Romper from Nordstrom BP
Picture Taken in Eugene at Sweet Cheeks Winery

On Sunday I went wine tasting in Eugene. It was a very warm day, but I do love wine tasting! Also fun to go to vineyards I had never been to before. It was such a fun weekend between going to the Needtobreathe concert and going to see John in Eugene, but definitely still recovering this week. This girl has been a little sleep deprived.

I thought this romper was the perfect look for wine tasting. It was a very hot day, so I was glad to be wearing something loose fitting, but still feeling dressed up enough and "cutsie." This is the third romper I have purchased and I love having them for days where you want to feel casual but put together at the same time. I also never feel appropriate wearing a Romper with heels for some reason, but maybe a long-sleeve Romper could be worn with heels. When I have more skin exposed I feel less comfortable wearing heels because it feels overdone to me. What do you wear with your rompers??

ALSOOOO I have a question for you wonderful readers of mine!! I want to purchase a used nicer camera to take better pictures for my blog. I'm pretty tired of my I-Phone quality at this point. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Craigslist? I know next to nothing about cameras, so HELP PWEESE!!!

I hope you all have exciting weekend plans ahead to get you through the rest of this week!

Love and Rompin' Around


Monday, July 20, 2015

A Whirwind Life

Holy smokes friends!! This whole month has been crazy, fun, exciting, exhausting, peaceful, encouraging, life giving and so very very necessary. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I just haven't had two seconds!  So far July has consisted of:
*My Half Marathon on the 4th, then spent the day on the river with my friend Lindsey
*Sunriver trip with my Family
*Bunco Night with Friends
*Creekside Young Life Camp with my middle school girlies (a separate blog to come on that)
*Needtobreathe Concert at the Zoo with Cayly and friends
*Went to Eugene for a Wedding Reception/Wine Tour with my friend John
I love SUMMER TIME!!! It has been so much fun, but now I need Sleep! Oh and I should probably do laundry/ buy some groceries... I have been staying with my parents due to the heat, but maybe I will return home this week to be with my poor abandoned roommate Christina!
July has been a blast and a whirlwind, and August has weddings in the line up including My favorite person CHRISTIAN!! Cheers to Summer Time Friends!! Oh and side note: My hair has gotten so BLONDE, that's summer for ya!

Needtobreathe Concert!

Found these Cuties

Exactly what summer should be!

Glad this guy got to join us for a few days in Sunriver
Malachi did so good with the horses

My Baby Boy Max

Selfies with Mom and Dad are the Best

Big Boy Malachi on his first Horse Ride

Leah and I before the Bike Ride

Got to spend some time with John in Eugene for his Aunt's Wedding

Also...Introducing Puppy Girl Maggie Moon to the Family (random photo but had to add it)

Love and What an Exciting Whirlwind!!