Thursday, July 23, 2015

Romp Romp Romper

Romper from Nordstrom BP
Picture Taken in Eugene at Sweet Cheeks Winery

On Sunday I went wine tasting in Eugene. It was a very warm day, but I do love wine tasting! Also fun to go to vineyards I had never been to before. It was such a fun weekend between going to the Needtobreathe concert and going to see John in Eugene, but definitely still recovering this week. This girl has been a little sleep deprived.

I thought this romper was the perfect look for wine tasting. It was a very hot day, so I was glad to be wearing something loose fitting, but still feeling dressed up enough and "cutsie." This is the third romper I have purchased and I love having them for days where you want to feel casual but put together at the same time. I also never feel appropriate wearing a Romper with heels for some reason, but maybe a long-sleeve Romper could be worn with heels. When I have more skin exposed I feel less comfortable wearing heels because it feels overdone to me. What do you wear with your rompers??

ALSOOOO I have a question for you wonderful readers of mine!! I want to purchase a used nicer camera to take better pictures for my blog. I'm pretty tired of my I-Phone quality at this point. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Craigslist? I know next to nothing about cameras, so HELP PWEESE!!!

I hope you all have exciting weekend plans ahead to get you through the rest of this week!

Love and Rompin' Around


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