Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is the American Dream Enough?

I had a friend over the other night for dinner and wine on my balcony. Which actually sounds more glamorous than it was considering the bees wouldn't leave us bee (yikes.. bad joke but had to do it) and it was roughly 99 degrees outside. But regardless we had a nice time. In fact 3 hours rolled right on by as the sun set and our conversation continued to carry. This friend I hadn't seen in awhile. We had many topics to catch up on. Work, living, church, community and of course who we are dating.
We talked about traveling and we talked about our families. It was an evening of conversation that was easy and was stimulating.

Then last night I wanted a night in, so I rented a movie to watch while I worked on wedding cards.  I will tell you what stood out to me in the movie I watched. In the film a man had gone to war and when he returned he married the girl. The movie is about their love story and his complete and utter happiness with being with her and making her happy. They buy a house and create a nice life together. Which made me think... That is what most people want right? Or at least in my perspective of reality it is. To find someone to love and who loves you back. To have a home that reflects your heart and your style. To hopefully have children to love and raise.

This movie left God out of the picture (which most movies do). And for those that do not follow Jesus, I want to say I can safely assume that love, romantic love is the greatest accomplishment of someone's life. Again, I'm sure this is not the truth for all people but I'm guessing the majority. Or at least that's what is shoved in our face day after day in the media, even with family and friends. That somehow if you aren't in a relationship or married that part of your life is incomplete. That once you do find that person, you have made it and you can die happy.

To be very candid with you, because I enjoy sharing what the Lord speaks to me from time to time; I have been hearing my Father ask me, "Katie, am I enough for you?"

Do you ever hear the Lord asking you that? Or do you ever reflect on that thought? It's not just with finding the person I want to spend my life with, but it's in my materialistic tendencies. It's in my desire to be selfish. It's in the way I cling to things of this world, or I cling to people before I cling to my God. But I think lately what he is trying to show me is the areas of my life and the parts of my heart that I have idols. We all have idols, or things in our lives we worship to some extent. But really I want God my Father to be enough. I don't think The American Dream is enough. I want more. I want Jesus. I want to live my life to serve others, and I want to daily chase after my Lord trying to love others as he would. I am not ignorant to think this is easy. I mess up everyday. But I know this life is meant to be so much more than just The American Dream.

Love and Letting God be Enough


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