Monday, September 28, 2015

When You Want to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer Weather...

You get an Iced Coffee from Dutch Bros, you wear a cute outfit and you meet your cousin for Happy Hour on 23rd :)
Have y'all ever been to Fireside on 23rd? (That was the first time I think I have ever said "y'all" in a blog before...)
Well if you are looking for a different place to grab Happy Hour you should try Fireside. Cute atmosphere, and they had really delicious pumpkin soup!
Happy Monday everyone, I hope you get to enjoy the last few warm weather days!

This is my "I have a bazillion errands to run but I don't wanna Face."
Wanted to buy this hat so badddddd, but I kind of just bought one in a lighter color, so I performed self control

My Indiana Jones Look

Date Day with My Soul Sista

Love and the Dog Days of Summer


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Because High Waisted Pants are my Favorite

High Waisted Pants: H&M; Top: Express (Reversible) Heels: Nine West, DSW)

Blazer: H&M

I was going to write a blog about what an overwhelming week it has been, but halfway through I changed my mind. I really didn't feel like sharing the details of the tough week it has been. But I will say this, lots of grown up moments have been experienced in the past week. The times where I get to feel like a kid are so few and far between now days. I'm not even a wife or mom yet, I should probably live it up now when I am really only responsible for myself.

For now though, I think I just want to keep this blog short and share my fun office attire with you. I consider it a big Win for me when I find office attire that I love to wear out after work to meet a friend for happy hour or whatever. I shop almost exclusively at Express and H&M for my office wear. Where do you all get your favorite office attire from? Please don't say J-Crew because I will get upset and jealous. I haven't reached that point in my career yet where I can afford such a store. Doesn't mean I don't window shop there from time to time and dream of the jackets, and dresses I hope to afford someday. But for now I browse the sections of Express and H&M that are usually on sale or are just too irresistible.

I promise to fill you in more on these grown up moments I was so vague about prior. But for now, I hope you are all enjoying these warm fall days and have enjoyed at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte this season.

Love and Go Beavs, Cheers to Pumpkin Everything, oh and Yay for High Waisted Work Pants!


Sunday, September 20, 2015

This One's for you Tim!

Last Tuesday my friend Tim went to be with Jesus. Tim and I went to high school together. We were in the same French class. Tim was funny. The kind of funny that was effortless and witty. He was smart too. Very smart in fact. I became friends with Tim quickly, because it was easy. 

Tim was also the kind of man that everyone cared about and was friends with. He was our Senior Homecoming King. Everyone liked Tim. Well Tim liked my friend Katie Westfall. Katie and I were best friends. She moved down the street from me in 6th grade. She became my best friend the moment she Razor scootered herself over to my driveway to introduce herself. 

Tim and Katie were high school sweethearts. They continued their relationship through college as they dated long distance with Tim at The University of Washington, and Katie with me at Oregon State. After they graduated in 2011, Tim proposed marriage to my sweet friend Katie in a garden of roses promising a lot of tomorrows together. 

Months after their engagement we found out Tim was very sick. Cancer they told us. Of course we were all confused being that Tim was so active and seemingly so healthy. We immediately began praying and asking God for healing. 

Tim and Katie got married in December of that same year, and I had the honor of being a Bridesmaid in their very sweet and beautiful wedding. Not long after their wedding we celebrated the victory of Tim being cancer free! However it came back, and so continued the battle he had of fighting for his life. 

Tim was courageous in ways I cannot comprehend. He was loving and giving amidst his own pain, and sickness. He was a wonderful husband to my dear friend and he gave so much to his community, church, family and friends. His life had so much meaning because he represented faith in hard times, and he leaned on the Lord for his support and strength. 

My heart is so broken for my dear friend Katie, and I ask that those of you who might be reading this would keep her in your prayers. She is strong, brave and extremely selfless. I am incredibly blessed to know her, and to have her example before me of a woman who trusts in the Lord in impossible circumstances. 


We all love you and miss you. The joy I have for you is that you are no longer in pain and that you get to be with Jesus. Thank you for your friendship and for loving Katie as well as you did. Our world will never be the same without you in it, but know that you will never be forgotten and I thank you for all the strength and faith you demonstrated for all of us. You are an inspiration my friend, and God is going to use your story to influence others for his Kingdom! So until I see you again where pain is no more, you will be missed and remembered always. 

Love your friend,

 Katie Moon 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The BEST Gift!

THIS ROBE THO...My cousin gave me this robe on the night of the Rehearsal Dinner as my bridesmaid gift. Every Bridesmaid got to pick the color they wanted so naturally I chose pink. They are silky and wonderful and if I'm being honest with you I feel kind of sexy in it. It's pretty much all I wear when in the comfort of my home. Kind of one of those things you put on and feel a little like Royalty. She is so thoughtful in her gift giving, and I love this!

Well Labor Day came and went. It was so great to have two days off back to back. I feel much more rested and ready to start my work week. Spent some time with Jackson this weekend, I had really missed him. Also a great weekend for sports! The Seahawks, the Beavers and Portland State got a W!! A great start for all my teams this season. Pumped football season is here!

Jackson and I were not amused by the large amounts of people at the mall

Love and Time to go to Work


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The One Where Christian Got MARRIED!

The Bride and Groom 

Rehearsal Dinner
Praying over the Bride

Our Bridesmaid gift were these beautiful robes!
Borrowed the dress from my friend Liz, and it was so perfect! Thanks Liz!

When you wear flower crowns you have to take a selfie...

It was such an amazing weekend!!! From the Rehearsal Dinner to the After party post Wedding, it was a weekend to remember. 

FAVORITE PART: Waking up the morning of the wedding with Christian and getting to spend one on one time with her while we got excited for the day. We got to pray together and ask God to bless the day and the marriage. We got to dance in the hotel room... k fine I was the only one dancing. But this was all before we headed to our BURN CYCLE class with the rest of the girlies.

HARDEST PART: 1. BURN CYCLE was SO hard!!!! Oh my gosh. I consider myself a somewhat in shape human being that I run fairly regularly. This class kicked my Bridesmaid butt! I was glad it was dark in there and no one could see me dry heaving... 2. Knowing that once Christian and Travis left the ceremony I wouldn't be allowed to call her/ text her because she is on her Honeymoon in Canada (yes I realize how selfish that sounds but I miss her alreadyyyyyy)

FUNNIEST PART: I gave a toast at the wedding, and I had to keep holding the mic away from my face because I was laughing so hard. I recalled a favorite memory of Christian and I from growing up and shared it with the group. I was honestly probably laughing the hardest out of anyone, but hey what's new?

MOST EMOTIONAL PART: Watching her dance with our Grandpa (father/daughter dance) Just all of it with my Grandpa was emotional because he loves his grand daughters so much. He's the sweetest and did such a great job performing the ceremony. 

MOST MEMORABLE PART: Christian's beauty that day and her genuine happiness. Travis is the man for her, and it is so fun to see the peace and joy they both have with one another knowing they have found each other. They really do share a special bond and I know how much they love one another. It makes me so happy knowing that my cousin is taken care of and in love. 

It was such a great day celebrated with my cousin/best friend and all of our family members! I love you Christian so much, and am so thankful I got to be part of your special day!

Love and Family Weddings are DEE BEST!