Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Because High Waisted Pants are my Favorite

High Waisted Pants: H&M; Top: Express (Reversible) Heels: Nine West, DSW)

Blazer: H&M

I was going to write a blog about what an overwhelming week it has been, but halfway through I changed my mind. I really didn't feel like sharing the details of the tough week it has been. But I will say this, lots of grown up moments have been experienced in the past week. The times where I get to feel like a kid are so few and far between now days. I'm not even a wife or mom yet, I should probably live it up now when I am really only responsible for myself.

For now though, I think I just want to keep this blog short and share my fun office attire with you. I consider it a big Win for me when I find office attire that I love to wear out after work to meet a friend for happy hour or whatever. I shop almost exclusively at Express and H&M for my office wear. Where do you all get your favorite office attire from? Please don't say J-Crew because I will get upset and jealous. I haven't reached that point in my career yet where I can afford such a store. Doesn't mean I don't window shop there from time to time and dream of the jackets, and dresses I hope to afford someday. But for now I browse the sections of Express and H&M that are usually on sale or are just too irresistible.

I promise to fill you in more on these grown up moments I was so vague about prior. But for now, I hope you are all enjoying these warm fall days and have enjoyed at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte this season.

Love and Go Beavs, Cheers to Pumpkin Everything, oh and Yay for High Waisted Work Pants!


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