Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The One Where Christian Got MARRIED!

The Bride and Groom 

Rehearsal Dinner
Praying over the Bride

Our Bridesmaid gift were these beautiful robes!
Borrowed the dress from my friend Liz, and it was so perfect! Thanks Liz!

When you wear flower crowns you have to take a selfie...

It was such an amazing weekend!!! From the Rehearsal Dinner to the After party post Wedding, it was a weekend to remember. 

FAVORITE PART: Waking up the morning of the wedding with Christian and getting to spend one on one time with her while we got excited for the day. We got to pray together and ask God to bless the day and the marriage. We got to dance in the hotel room... k fine I was the only one dancing. But this was all before we headed to our BURN CYCLE class with the rest of the girlies.

HARDEST PART: 1. BURN CYCLE was SO hard!!!! Oh my gosh. I consider myself a somewhat in shape human being that I run fairly regularly. This class kicked my Bridesmaid butt! I was glad it was dark in there and no one could see me dry heaving... 2. Knowing that once Christian and Travis left the ceremony I wouldn't be allowed to call her/ text her because she is on her Honeymoon in Canada (yes I realize how selfish that sounds but I miss her alreadyyyyyy)

FUNNIEST PART: I gave a toast at the wedding, and I had to keep holding the mic away from my face because I was laughing so hard. I recalled a favorite memory of Christian and I from growing up and shared it with the group. I was honestly probably laughing the hardest out of anyone, but hey what's new?

MOST EMOTIONAL PART: Watching her dance with our Grandpa (father/daughter dance) Just all of it with my Grandpa was emotional because he loves his grand daughters so much. He's the sweetest and did such a great job performing the ceremony. 

MOST MEMORABLE PART: Christian's beauty that day and her genuine happiness. Travis is the man for her, and it is so fun to see the peace and joy they both have with one another knowing they have found each other. They really do share a special bond and I know how much they love one another. It makes me so happy knowing that my cousin is taken care of and in love. 

It was such a great day celebrated with my cousin/best friend and all of our family members! I love you Christian so much, and am so thankful I got to be part of your special day!

Love and Family Weddings are DEE BEST!


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