Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Annual Moon Family Hood River Trip


Why are my parents the cutest couple that ever happened to earth?

Well this is the extent of the pictures I have because it was raining alllll day. But for those that know me, you know our family goes to Hood River every year. It's our special family trip that we all look forward to every year. The drive, the beautiful scenery, the park was all fun, but THEN... we went to the Rasmussen Pumpkin Patch like we always do where we end our trip and they were CLOSED!!! They have retired. Seems selfish if you ask me... haha ok fine I get it they wanted to travel and spend time with their grand kids. I guess I can understand that. But it was really sad, and felt like the end of an era. We will continue going to to Hood River, but a little part of me is sad that my kids will never get to experience the Rasmussen Pumpkin Patch.

I guess it's good to start new traditions though. So with that said, I look forward to next year as we continue the tradition and as we start new ones with our ever growing family.

**Not pictured... My brother Ben, and my nephews Malachi and Max but they were there. I swear.

Love and Family Traditions


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Top 10 Reasons Why Being an Adult Doesn't Always Suck

I got my hair done last week. I had her put in a lot more dark throughout instead of a solid Ombre', I now have more of the Balyage look. It doesn't look very different in this picture but I assure you my hair is a lot darker! 

This lighting is a little easier to see all the dark she put in and the cut (she chopped a little more than I asked for but I think I look like Rachel Green from "Friends" in this picture with my hair straight. Ha!
** Also the lipstick in this picture is my new favorite fall color by MAC " Swirl."

So I've decided that growing up isn't easy. And sometimes having to choose to be an adult is not very fun. For those out there who are married or have kids it is probably even harder because you have people counting on you to be an adult. I really only have myself to blame for the moments that I choose to be a kid. So in an effort to convince myself that being a "grown up" isn't all bad, I decided to make a list of the "Top 10 Reasons Why Being an Adult Doesn't Always Suck."

10. I am in charge of my own money: I can go to Target and buy new boots when I want to and I can pay over $200 to get my hair done... :/ I actually didn't see that coming last week when she told me what I owed her. Yikes.

9. I get to choose where I live: If I wanted to move to Austin Texas tomorrow, I could. That's my choice. Currently I choose Portland, but that could change.

8. I go to bed and wake up when I say: Sometimes I just need to watch one more episode of Gilmore Girls before I am ready for lights out. In turn that means I usually give myself a half hour to get ready in the morning but again, that is completely my decision.

7. I get to wear makeup and high heels: I wear what I want without the fear of coming downstairs to "Katie Gwen you march right back upstairs and try again.." Trust me, I heard that a lot growing up.

6. I am allowed to have alcohol: I can meet a friend for Happy Hour after work, or come home and have a glass of wine with my roommate while we watch "Friday Night Lights."

5. My opinion finally matters: Whether that's at work, or with Young Life or with my family/friends, what I have to say matters. That might be partly due to the fact that I have a College Degree now, so I was actually taught how to form an opinion. College does wonderful things for a person.

4. I can listen to Rap music and watch MTV if I want: This one is self-explanatory.

3. I have my own place to live: That means I can have people over for dinner, or if someone needs a place to stay they can stay with me. My House, My Rules. (That seems appropriate to put there..)

2. I cook dinner when I want, and how I want: This also means I can eat out when I want. I'm the Boss.

1. I can be spontaneous and I have no one to report to but myself! I remember when I was a freshman in college that was a crazy concept to grasp. I no longer had to tell my mom where I was going and with whom. I got home at 2 in the morning and I wasn't grounded the next day. It was great. Now that I am an actual adult (post college is really when you are considered an adult) I go about my business as I please. A friend calls and wants to go for a hike or drive to the beach, it's up to me if I want to go! My plans, are my plans, or my lack of plans are MY lack of plans. It doesn't involve anyone else.

Well that is my list. I have been watching "Gilmore Girls" on repeat for the past month and I love Lorelais's character because she is a kid trapped in an adult's body. That is how I feel alot of the time, and I find myself wishing I was a kid again with no real responsibility. Because with that responsibility comes stress and dead lines, and bills and so on. I needed to create a list of things that are nice about being an adult. Honest moment though... Finding 10 things was actually harder than I thought. Meaning that being an adult isn't always fun, and sometimes I wish I could just hide in my bed with my head under the sheets and not have to face real life sometimes. Maybe some of you reading this can relate and maybe some of you reading this have other great reasons to share why  being an adult doesn't always suck. Please leave comments below so I have other things to be happy about. Haha!

Love and Being an Adult


Monday, October 12, 2015

My Coyote Ugly Dreams

Quite honestly life has been a whirlwind lately. Dealing with the grief of death, and asking hard questions. Looking at new career opportunities, and just feeling very adult. Why is it that when life seems to get tough that I want to bolt?! I start romanticizing moving to Nashville, or San Diego. Why does it seem harder to stay? Harder to commit? Why does it seem harder to keep at the difficulties you face? I also ask myself if I would really have the guts to just up and leave? Sometimes I actually find myself impressed by those that have the capability of uprooting and moving away. No support system where they go. No family, no familiar faces even. It sounds so exhilarating, however I have a feeling that a month or so in the feelings of loneliness find you. Maybe you start asking yourself why it sounded like a good idea in the beginning to up and leave. Maybe not. Maybe you make a friend at your new job who has a community of people you can attach to. Maybe you become part of a great church community. Maybe you decide to take a job at a bar called "Coyote Ugly," start building a name for yourself in the music arena all while you fall in love with a beautiful Australian man.. Maybe? It could happen... errr wait, that's a movie. That's right it's not real life. Ok. Glad we cleared that up.

Anyways, those of you that have just up and left. Fled. Started over. What is it like? What is great, and what is not so great? For those of you that know me well, do you think I have the guts/ability to actually leave Margaret and Steve? Because that is probably the real question here...

Love and Can't Fight the Moonlight