Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Annual Moon Family Hood River Trip


Why are my parents the cutest couple that ever happened to earth?

Well this is the extent of the pictures I have because it was raining alllll day. But for those that know me, you know our family goes to Hood River every year. It's our special family trip that we all look forward to every year. The drive, the beautiful scenery, the park was all fun, but THEN... we went to the Rasmussen Pumpkin Patch like we always do where we end our trip and they were CLOSED!!! They have retired. Seems selfish if you ask me... haha ok fine I get it they wanted to travel and spend time with their grand kids. I guess I can understand that. But it was really sad, and felt like the end of an era. We will continue going to to Hood River, but a little part of me is sad that my kids will never get to experience the Rasmussen Pumpkin Patch.

I guess it's good to start new traditions though. So with that said, I look forward to next year as we continue the tradition and as we start new ones with our ever growing family.

**Not pictured... My brother Ben, and my nephews Malachi and Max but they were there. I swear.

Love and Family Traditions


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  1. Yes, twas sad that Rasmussen ditched us after all those years of fathfulness on our part :) Let's remain hopeful that the other orchard will buy up the property and resurrect it to it's former glory! Nice blog post though.