Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Adidas Haul

Here's the thing tho... I'm still a Nike girl at heart (My sweater is from Forever 21 btw. Haven't been there in over a year and found this gem)

Dying over these pants and only $20 ish dollars!

Loving this shirt, because it covers the booty! Which lessss be honest, is hard to do...


I was actually kind of surprised with all of the fun things I found at the Adidas Employee Store. I will also say, the Adidas ES is cheaper than Nike ES. I got all 5 items for $100.00. I was pretty impressed by that. But my question is... if I don't have adidas shoes, is it ok to mix and match Nike with Adidas? I feel pretty weird about it. But honestly, is it super tacky to wear different brand names from head to toe, or am I over thinking this per usual?  For example: The other day I wore my Nike yoga pants with my Nike Sky Hi Dunks and I had on an Adidas long sleeve shirt. Is that taboo? What are your thoughts??

Love and Brand Loyalty?


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