Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Birthday, Another New Year's

Boo Boo got MARRIED!!

Sauvie Island Half Marathon on the 4th of July

Sunriver with the Fam

Creekside Camp with my Girlies

Adriana's Baby Shower :)
Baby Owen Derrah was Born on November 3rd!

2015 was a good year. I got to witness so many wonderful events and spend time with family and meet personal goals. It was a good year, but it also brought some hard times. We lost some family friends this year and one of my dearest friends lost her husband to cancer. At the same time, my cousin got married so our family expanded and my dear friends Adriana and Ryan had a baby! We lost loved ones, and we gained new ones. I guess that is life. Constantly changing, and evolving and finding peace no matter your circumstances. Peace in knowing that God is there and that He is in Control.

My 2015 Goals Recapped:

-Stay with the same company for a minimum of a year (November was my 1 year mark!! This was a proud moment for me)
-Run at least one half marathon (July 4th, 2015- Sauvie Island Half)
-Focus more on fashion for my blog featuring my outfits and where I found my clothes/ accessories (I did a lot of Fashion Posts this year, and had so much fun with it!!)
-Start a bible study with my Young Life girlies (November)
-Grow closer in community with my YL leaders (Definitely a success! Love my fellow leaders and am so thankful for their dedication and friendship)
-Do something I have never done before (Can't say I accomplished this really. Or at least nothing big comes to mind. Might have to keep this one for 2016)
-Go somewhere I've never been before (I hiked Punch Bowl Falls for the first time with my cousin Christian!)
-Try lots of new recipes! (I would say this was successful, I used my crock-pot finally, and tried several new recipes when I would have friends over for dinner!) 
-Invite new people over for dinner ( I did have new people over for dinner! I had some dinner parties, which I loved and intend on doing more next year)
-Keep the same hair color for a full year (FAIL... We all knew I wasn't going to make this one, but the good news is, my last hair color has been my favorite in a long time so I plan on keeping it!! At least for a few more months ;) )
-Go to a Timbers Game (May!)
-Go to a Seattle Mariners Game (Fail)
-Plan my trip to PARIS!! (This one is complicated. I did start planning it, but some plans fell through with my travel partner. So still aiming for July 2016 but working on the travel partner part... holler if you are interested in a trip to Europe... and are female..)

Goals for 2016

-Actually go to Europe!! (London, Paris and Italy- July 2016)
-Move into Management in my Industry
-Run a Half Marathon I have never run before
-Create more Tutorials for my Blog
-Continue to Incorporate Fashion in my Blog
-Learn how to use my new camera and maybe take a photography class?
-Do something I have never done before that is really out of my comfort zone
-Go to a Mariners Game
-To always be kind to people (I could elaborate but I'm going to choose to leave it at that)
-To learn even more what it means to Follow Jesus
-Stick with one Church and call it Home

I am going to spend my birthday with family and friends today and celebrate tonight! Wishing you all a Happy 2016 Everyone- May your New Year's Eve be as fulfilling as you have dreamed it to be, and may you Uber wherever you go so you don't drink and drive... That concludes my PSA.

Love and Auld Lang Syne


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