Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What I Wore for Thanksgiving and my Black Friday Finds!

Very thankful for this cousin/best friend of mine. Glad she's local for Holidays again
Thanksgiving with my second family The Wells'. Literally had stomach cramps from all of the laughter

Finally purchased a DSLR Canon Camera!! I got this puppy for half off!!

Added this cute elk head over my bed!

Pretty much lived in this flannel hoodie all weekend from H&M

I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday weekend! I certainly did. I got lots of rest and spent a couple evenings by the fire with family. I may or may not have done a large amount of shopping too...

I have been wanting a nice DSLR camera for when I go to Europe, but also for my blog! So I have been waiting and waiting for Black Friday knowing they would have some good deals and sure enough! I got my camera for 50% off at Target for $400.00. I can't wait to start editing pictures and the noticeable difference it will make compared to my I-Phone. I ordered my memory card yesterday on Cyber Monday, so once I get that in the mail, you know what I will be doing with all my spare time! Aside from buying myself a camera, I got a few great gifts for family. I also got to go to Nike, and I plan on doing a " Nike Haul," but first I want to get my memory card so I can take the pictures with my Canon :)

Overall it was such a nice weekend with family and friends, decorating for Christmas with my roommate and amazing food!! Hope you all got to rest and enjoy family time and down time.

Cheers to December and the Count Down to Christmas!


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