Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's Simple: Love God, Love Others

I was reminded of something very important on Sunday sitting in church as the sun shone through the stain glass windows and we reflected on the previous year. 2015 was filled with lots of Evil. Evil in the hands of mass murderers, ISIS, Civil Wars in the Middle East, chaos with the upcoming Election and terrorism everywhere. All of these events perpetuating this constant state of fear, anxiety and panic.

Just when we think that it couldn't possibly get worse. That mankind couldn't possibly get more Evil, that Jesus HAS to be coming soon, I am reminded that it is NOT my job to predict this. It is NOT my job to fear. It is NOT my job to doubt that God is the Creator of the Universe and that He is in control. So what is my job? My job is simple. I am called to Love God, Love others and to pray for my Nation, and for mankind. To pray for my Political leaders. To pray for those seeking refuge. To thank God for my safety and health, and to count my blessings. This is what I need to set my focus on. It is so easy to get consumed in fear, but that's exactly what the enemy wants. Jesus said he didn't know the time or day that God would return to reclaim this world. Jesus said only the Father knows the hour. Therefore we are not to fear or worry.

Love God.

Love Others. 

That's All.

Love and Keeping it Simple


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