Monday, February 29, 2016

One Life Change at a Time

I can't believe that after nearly a year and a half, today I start a new adventure inside the Property Management world! Last Friday I said goodbye and turned in keys to my Leasing Position in Lake Oswego. I even found myself a little emotional when my work family all came in together holding a vase of flowers and told me how much I would be missed in the office. I feel so lucky that I got to work with those people and work for the residents I did. I made friendships and got to be an advocate for so many wonderful people. I will never forget my time there and am very thankful to my boss for her leadership and generosity. I have never worked for someone like her before who was quick to make jokes and let me know it was ok to ask questions. I will always look back fondly on my time at Kruseway Commons.

But today I start something new and begin my journey in management where I have my own individual office and I'm assuming at least for a little while a lot more stress. Ha! But stress I am ready for and I can't wait to get my feet wet, get to know my staff and residents and start learning and helping. As scary as it can be to step into a role with a lot more responsibility, I feel ready! Maybe a little nervous/anxious but ready. How can we grow if we don't step outside of our comfort zone right?! It's easy to settle into something comfortable but it's when you tackle new challenges that you realize how capable you are!

So for those of you that might be reading this and you have doubts/fears/insecurities holding you back from something, just know that you are so capable! Believe in yourself and your abilities because you are the one limiting yourself. It IS scary to step outside of what you know and can predict, but when I reflect on the times that I did step out, the reward was so much higher! You have to trade short term feelings of uncertainty and discomfort as you navigate the new-ness, but once you do the payout is so worth it! Higher self esteem , possible monetary benefits, a new relationship, a more robust resume and the list goes on. Let's go suuuuuper cliche' and end this with "Reach for the Stars... you might just land on the moon." Haha that quote is overused, overrated, and so perfect for my slightly sappy blog post this morning.

Cheers to a new start, a new office and to bettering myself in the process!

Love and Time for More Coffee


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BBG Day 1 Photo, Day 7 Photo and Day 14 Photo

Day 1
Day 7  (Just brushin my teeth...)
Day 14

So here are my thoughts so far... I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I just started my third week on Monday, and I already feel stronger and leaner.
Monday is leg and cardio day.
Tuesday I do low intensity cardio for 35-40 minutes on the elliptical (easier on the knees)
Wednesday is abs and arms day
Thursday I usually take off because I go dancing at night
Friday is overall body workout
Saturday I usually take off
Sunday is another low intensity cardio routine
Her workouts are broken down into 2 sections that include 4 different exercises that you perform in a circuit. Each section is done in a 7 minute time window and you go through the circuit as many times as possible in those 7 minutes. You take a 30 second rest and start the next 7 minute circuit and then repeat both circuits including the 30 second rest in-between. By the time you are done with the 30 minute workout you are exhausted and you can almost immediately feel the soreness in your muscles. Especially leg day for me, my legs are so weak after but it's a really good feeling!  
I have already toned my abs in a matter of two weeks. Abs I didn't know I had. My lower abs have a ways to go still, but I am confident that by the end of this 12 week program even my lower abs will be visible.
What I  like: How quick the exercises are. Everyone has 30 minutes to workout. You do. Quit making excuses :)
I also like how direct the workouts are. It's like having a personal trainer but you motivate yourself (which I prefer). Monday you do this... Wednesday do this... and so on.
It works out muscles I am not used to working. My body type is pear shaped, so I gain weight in the bottom half of my body primarily. I have had these false ideas that if I do too many squats my legs and booty will just bulk up more, but that is not the truth. My legs are beginning to tone!! Which is what I am probably most excited about with this program.
What is hard about the Program: As most of you know I have arthritis in both of my knees from years and years of playing sports. So the leg day can be hard on my knees. Kayla incorporates a lot of jump squats and burpees so my knees have a bit of a hard time keeping up. I make sure to stretch afterwards and I take supplements to help with this, but still be aware of this if you have bad knees like me.
I have more thoughts on this program too, but will share more of my thoughts as I get deeper into the program. I will also share with you my nutrition/ meal planning side of this program. I also want to share with you the scheduling of when I do my workouts and how I make time for them, because that seems to be most people's excuses. Send me an email if you have more questions about the program and are hesitant to purchase it like I was! I would be happy to explain more!
Love and BBG

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Before Photos of Our New Place!!

You guys... the U-HAUL people let me drive this! I was slightly terrified. 20 Footer
My Room!

Last Sunday was Move Day! To say I have been exhausted by all of it is an understatement. My brain felt like pure mush as of Monday. Physically and mentally so very very tired. However, the house is really starting to feel like home already with every empty box I throw into the garage. The Before photos crack me up to look at because this townhouse is a little rough around the edges, but with our furniture and kitchen items inside the house really is pretty homey. With just over 1,600 square feet we have more room to stretch in this house than our last place and a much better parking situation.

Huge Shout Out to my family, Shannon and the Derrah's for helping with the move!! So thankful for dear friend's willingness to help with a less than fun event.

Excited to show you all the After photos! I am currently in the middle of painting a wall in my bedroom and still have a desk to assemble that I will be turning into my Vanity. Looking forward to having everything organized and out of boxes.

God is so good in the midst of my crazy life right now. When I found out I had to move out of my Grandpa's townhouse I was super bummed. I loved that home. It was pretty and had great light and views and was such a place of rest for me and Christina. When we found this place I knew it was our best option but I just did NOT want to move... again. Once we got our stuff in on Sunday/Monday I already knew that God had provided in such a big way for us. Holly is our new roommate and she came into the scenario so quickly and is such a sweet friend already. Excited to have her, and so grateful to Jesus for his provision. Not just with this house too. He provided me with my new job which starts the 29th of this month! Even in the midst of my doubt, he provides and he assures me that he is in control and that he loves me.

Looking forward to showing you the house once the boxes are gone and d├ęcor is finally on the walls!

Love and All That is NEW!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Bikini Body Guide Day 1

Overall I would say I work hard at staying physically fit, and eating healthy. I am often training for a race and when I'm not doing that I am in the gym lifting weights or cross training to go easy on my knees. I have been reading up on a health and fitness professional named Kayla Itsines for over a year now and have been so intrigued by her work. She created what is called "Bikini Body Guide." She promotes overall education of living a healthy lifestyle, rather than just some fad diet or exercise routine to lose weight. The concept is that this education is something you will take with you for a lifetime. She has created workout routines that use every muscle and can be done in 30 minutes. She also has a guide on healthy eating and provides meals to make at home that provide protein, and good calories.

I have always been interested in nutrition and exercise and like to think that I incorporate this in my life fairly well. However, I also incorporate tator tots and chocolate in my weekly diet...The idea isn't to eliminate these things all together, but rather to enjoy them occasionally.

So as if I don't already have enough going on in my life (ie. a job promotion, and moving this Sunday) I decided this week was a great week to start her 12 week Bikini Body Program. Life is crazy right now. Well guess what?! Life is ALWAYS crazy. You can choose to make excuses for a busy life, or you can choose to rise above it. Today, I choose to rise above. I am also choosing to wake up a half hour earlier than I do to make it to the gym before work. It's not easy, but I know exercising regularly, and eating healthier will make my body feel incredible and who doesn't want that?!

Some of you read my Blog from last year when I tried "Whole 30." If you didn't read it, you can find it here. I support that diet still, however the difference here is that Whole 30 is primarily focused on sort of flushing the system. Not eating breads and dairy and many other things so as to reset your digestive system and to lose weight in the process for 30 days. I am still all for it, but for me it is not something I care to do year round or forever. I like cheese too much and I really enjoy a cold beer sometimes. The difference between that and Kayla's program is this is more long term healthy sustainable living. Enjoying certain foods in moderation.

I will be tracking my progress on here, and letting you all know what I think about her guides. I know that I don't really have weight to lose, but this experience is more about the education and more about toning my muscle. This for me is alot about the nutrition side of things and forcing myself to meal prep. So pictured below is right before my first BBG workout, I will post progress photos along the way to show if this really is working or not. I promise to give my review at the end of 12 weeks.

Love and BBG Day 1