Thursday, February 18, 2016

Before Photos of Our New Place!!

You guys... the U-HAUL people let me drive this! I was slightly terrified. 20 Footer
My Room!

Last Sunday was Move Day! To say I have been exhausted by all of it is an understatement. My brain felt like pure mush as of Monday. Physically and mentally so very very tired. However, the house is really starting to feel like home already with every empty box I throw into the garage. The Before photos crack me up to look at because this townhouse is a little rough around the edges, but with our furniture and kitchen items inside the house really is pretty homey. With just over 1,600 square feet we have more room to stretch in this house than our last place and a much better parking situation.

Huge Shout Out to my family, Shannon and the Derrah's for helping with the move!! So thankful for dear friend's willingness to help with a less than fun event.

Excited to show you all the After photos! I am currently in the middle of painting a wall in my bedroom and still have a desk to assemble that I will be turning into my Vanity. Looking forward to having everything organized and out of boxes.

God is so good in the midst of my crazy life right now. When I found out I had to move out of my Grandpa's townhouse I was super bummed. I loved that home. It was pretty and had great light and views and was such a place of rest for me and Christina. When we found this place I knew it was our best option but I just did NOT want to move... again. Once we got our stuff in on Sunday/Monday I already knew that God had provided in such a big way for us. Holly is our new roommate and she came into the scenario so quickly and is such a sweet friend already. Excited to have her, and so grateful to Jesus for his provision. Not just with this house too. He provided me with my new job which starts the 29th of this month! Even in the midst of my doubt, he provides and he assures me that he is in control and that he loves me.

Looking forward to showing you the house once the boxes are gone and décor is finally on the walls!

Love and All That is NEW!


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