Monday, March 7, 2016

Bedroom After Photos!

My Vanity

My closet, I swear it's organized...

Well I never thought I would show you guys my toilet, but Marilyn is just so pretty :)
Just the girliest room ever. That's why I had to throw the little Antelope man over my bed, to add a little masculinity. Most of my room decor and furniture has been acquired over time, but my vanity is from IKEA, which I am in love with. The mirror over the Vanity is from Homegoods, the Wooded board over my bed is from Target, along with  my bedspread. The Necklace Holder over my dresser (dresser is OG from my Baby room... Thanks Mom! Just updated the handles from Home Depot myself) is made by my talented brother and sister-in-law. **Shameless Plug** If you are looking for hand crafted furniture, my brother and his wife Summer have a small business called Moon Wood Works and they are very good at what they do. So send me an email if you want their information :) 

I also would like to note that I painted the accent wall behind my bed and it was meant to be a little more grey, but I actually love how the greeny-grey turned out!! Accent walls make such a difference! 

I promise to get the pictures up of our kitchen, and living area but we need to get our TV mounted first. 

Happy Monday to you all! 

Love and Pretty Girly Bedrooms


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