Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Outfit from Saturday Night and a Story About Me Crying in Public...

Jeans: Express; Shirt: Nordstrom BP; Sweater: H&M; Boots: Fergie
Outfit for Going out on Saturday night. Went to Jack Knife with  my friend Lindsey, such a fun place!

Also Chopped a few inches off my hair thanks to Katherine Bennett at Anastasia Salon! Thursday I am adding color! Not 100% sure what I'm doing yet, but I know it will be lighter for sure. 

This past weekend was productive and restful! I finally got my room finalized. All the boxes emptied, and final touches hung up on the walls. Feels clutter free and like my little oasis is complete. I woke up Sunday morning, rolled out of bed, instantly put coffee on and climbed back into bed to watch Netflix before church. All I kept thinking was, "I could stay here forever. I love my new job, but they will be fine without me." I just want to lay in bed, listen to the rain and rest in my extremely feminine bedroom :) 

On Saturday I ran some errands and on my list was to take my camera (my brand new Canon Rebel T-5) to a shop to get fixed :( I had gotten water in it when I went hiking a few weeks back. After the hike my camera wouldn't turn on and then had some connectivity issues with the lens (blah blah blah). So I took it in and the sales guy told me it was possible I would have to sell my camera for parts... FOR PARTS?!?! I just bought the little guy on Black Friday!! He was brand new, just making his start in the world. I ruined him. As soon as the sales guy told me that I instantly had tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't help it. I wasn't doing it for sympathy, they just wouldn't stop falling. I could tell the guy felt bad and wasn't sure how to handle the situation, but he assured me he would do all he could and I left the Cannon Shop. I got a call on Tuesday saying that they fixed my camera and that he was doing it at a discounted rate for me!!! Obviously the moral of this story is that if you cry you get your way... JK!!! I never do that kind of thing normally. And NO I do not cry in front of cops to get out of tickets. But I will give a shout out to the camera shop! ADVANCE CAMERA- Off of Beaverton Hillsdale HWY. Great customer service and fixed my camera in two days! 

**My outfit from Saturday night btw, I have been wanting to wear for awhile and just never found the right occasion. So finally I felt like Saturday night was the right night. The crop top look is one of my favorites but sometimes I get a little too scurred to wear it in public. Anyone else feel that way? Modesty has become something I care alot about as I have gotten older, but this look is so popular right now, and I think it can be done tastefully. That's why I threw a chunky long sweater over it. An outfit I won't repeat very often, but definitely an edgier look when that's what your're going for! **

Love and Crying in Public...


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