Friday, April 1, 2016

Blazer Game Outfit from Last Night

Shirt: Forever 21 Jeans: J-Brand Norsdtrom Rack Boots: Fergie

Not entirely sure why I felt the need to post 3 of pretty much the exact same photo, but I am going with it

My shirt was only $10.00 and I bought it around this time last year. See the thing is... I have bought several "crop top" shirts and they have been just sitting in my closet. Not sure why all of a sudden I am choosing to be a little more daring with wearing them, but I AM! YOLO... sorry. I shouldn't have said that. That term is old now. I know that. Moving on. I decided to wear this shirt to the game because 1. I have exactly 1 Blazer shirt, and it has overworn (not a word...) it's welcome at the games. 2. I need to buy a new Blazer shirt. 3. Until I do, I have to get creative. So I wore Black. Because I'm so creative. But you really have to have the right occasion to wear that shirt to, and last night was the night. 

My Jeans tho. I love them. I love them in the same way I used to love this pair of Abercrombie jeans I had in high school. These jeans know my every curve, and the BEST part...They were created for shorties like me! I didn't need to get them hemmed, they fit me perfectly. I think I got them for $70 or $80? Shout out to my sister-in-law Summer who definitely had them first, and I went out and copied her. One of the best decisions I have made. If you are looking for a pair of designer jeans that aren't too crazy expensive I recommend J- Brand for sure. Especially if you are short and a little curvier on your back side like I am. 

My Fergie Boots are a staple in my closet at this point. They are the perfect height sitting just under my knees and the heel is enough to give me a lift but not too high that I can't walk. This is my third season with them and they are still holding up strong. I got them for Christmas 3 years ago, and I believe my mom got them at Fred Meyer to be perfectly honest. I think they are about $70-$80. A little spendy but so worth it when you wear them 3 seasons and counting. I even wear them to work sometimes. I recently bought some new boots from Nordstrom Rack in the idea of replacing my Fergie boots, and I haven't worn them outside the house once yet. I am not ready to let go yet. So the new boots will probably be released sometime in the fall of this year, haha. 

** Also let's NOT talk about... but really lets talk about how behind me in this photo sits piles and piles of pieces to my IKEA dresser my parents bought me as a house warming present and surprised me last weekend. MY PARENTS COULD NOT BE ANY SWEETER OR CUTER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE. Just saying!! BUT.. if we are friends on SnapChat (Moon_Katie1988) you would know that the dresser and I are not friends, and I am CERTAIN that IKEA left out parts to my dresser to intentionally mess with my mind. So the pieces continue to sit in piles until one day when my mind is able to control inanimate objects and the dresser magically assembles by my brain power. IF and when I get that thing in one solid piece, I will show you the difference it makes in my room, because as my parents pointed out, my baby girl dresser isn't cutting it anymore. Seriously have had that dresser since Katie girl here was a babe. I even replaced the knobs on it a year ago to make it a little fancier, but my mama said it  was time to say goodbye.**

Love and Happy Fri-Yay!! (I can't believe how quick this week went by) 


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