Monday, April 11, 2016

The Half Up Top Knot Look

I'm sorry btw if you are tired of the crop top look. I know I have worn it in the last few outfit posts I've done along with the same boots. But really my focus was on my hair this time, not the outfit. 

This was me trying to decide if I wanted to rock the top knot or not...
But I decided to stick with the top knot. P.S my cousin is the absolute cutest. She's one of my favorite humans.
I wasn't sure how I felt about the half up top knot look, but so many different celebrities have been wearing it. I hadn't really played around with it much but knew I wanted to try it eventually. Friday night my cousin wanted to meet up for drinks and it had been a few days since I washed my hair... :/ (I typically wash my hair twice a week). But by day 3/4 my hair needs to be up in a pony tail or bun or something. So I thought that night would be the perfect night to try out the half up top knot because it was either that or I was wearing my Dodgers hat out.

I think I'm actually into this look though. It really was the perfect solution to get by on one more day of not having to wash it. I SWEAR, not washing your hair makes your hair grow, and makes it stronger. I use "Batiste" brand dry shampoo on my non-wash hair days and it absorbs any natural oil that has produced. Batiste is my ABSOLUTE favorite too. I have tried and tried and tried other brands, and I keep coming back to Batiste. I recently purchased the Tropical scented one, and LOVE it. Smells like summer and coconut and heaven mixed together. 

What are your thoughts on the half up top knot look?! I could see myself in the summer or when I'm in Europe rocking this look a little more frequently. May be cute with a summer dress. Just fun to try new things and new products. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend,

Love and Top Knots


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