Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What Adulting in My Life Looks Like

Rosie- R.I.P 

Can we talk for two seconds about how much shorter my hair looks in this picture compared to my car photos?!?! I just noticed that, and this passport photo was taken only 4 weeks ago. My "Biotin" is working!! 

Adulting looks like my new job in management. Adulting looks like buying a brand new Jeep and almost vomiting because you're so scared and excited at the same time. Adulting looks like applying for my passport and then booking my flight to London which turns into Paris, which turns into Italy. Adulting looks like finally saying, "I want to actually achieve my dreams rather than keep daydreaming." Jeez when did I become so adult??

It's only April and 2016 has been such an incredible year already!! I work hard to achieve success, but I am also so humbly aware of the blessings God has given me. I am not ignorant enough to believe that I achieved this all on my own abilities, but that God is good and he desires for us to experience joy this side of Heaven. This really is my year to be a little less careful than I usually am. Everything I do is so planned and thought out. I am not an impulsive person. I thought about buying my jeep a year before I actually did. I am careful with my money and I budget well. But this year I am dipping into my savings and going with a dear friend to Europe!! We leave July 19th. We are under the 100 day mark!! WHAT?!

Adulting isn't always easy. So much of me feels like a teenager still. I make jokes all the time that I'm getting old, but I'm tired of having that mind set. Feeling like the best years of my life are behind me. I am choosing to trust God that he has so much in store for me, and also releasing terrible mindsets that negatively affect me. Gotta just live in the moment and be thankful for what I have.

Love and Adulting



  1. There are definitely times I don't want to adult...but most of the time, I'm glad I'm an adult lol

    1. Sadoe, I feel you. Sometimes I miss high school...

  2. I can definitely relate to your pictures. I finally traded in my little car last month for a Jeep too. At first it took some getting used to, but now I don't know how I lived without my Jeep. I love being high up in the air when driving, and this little Jeep really has some power when I hit the gas.

    Paige Hollingsworth @ Baldwin Motors Lincoln

    1. Now that it's been a few months, yeah I can't imagine not having my jeep!!