Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Dreaded Morning After

I realized I never shared outfit details on this from the Pentatonix concert! Skirt and Oversized Sweater: H&M, Tank: Nordstrom BP, Boots: Nordstrom Rack... can't remember the brand.. and for those of you interested in Holly's cute Romper: Target

Did you ever have something you looked forward to so much that you were already sad thinking about how soon it will be over? That the morning after you get home and wake up in your own bed is hard to grasp because you are no longer on vacation soaking in every ounce of culture you had so recently fallen in love with. Is that just me??... crickets... Oh...

For instance, (and please don't hate me for rambling on and on about Europe, ok fine you can hate me...) but we leave in 64 days. Those 2 ish months are going to fly by and I am going to be staring at the Eiffel Tower, sipping wine in Tuscany and giggling at the guards in front of Buckingham Palace in NO time. And then Poof. Just like that it's over. And of course (well hopefully) I will come home with a fresh perspective on life. Maybe my type A personality will be slightly more at peace, or at least for awhile. Perhaps I will have experiences that will change me from this trip. But I am already dreading August 3rd the day after we arrive back in Portland. Not because I won't have missed my family and friends, not because I hate my life so much at home that I can't bare to be back in Portland, but because this anticipation and planning is the best part of my day. You should see my Pinterest account. It's so exhilarating to have such an incredible trip to look forward to but at the same time, I already fear for that time when everything is over and the trip is finished. I have a problem. I'm aware. I'm also aware that I might contemplate moving once I am there. I will try and think of ways I could support myself financially, or I might seriously consider becoming a gypsy and taking up barefoot dancing in the middle of townsquare.

Anyone feel me on this? Why is the anticipation of what will be half the fun? I think it's because I'm a dreamer and I'm a romantic. Dreaming of these cities and getting lost in the culture makes me want to sigh openly out loud  while smiling. Picturing myself in a summer dress sipping a cappuccino outside of a cafe while we try to interpret what the people around us are saying. It's as if I envision myself riding a bicycle along the river in Paris with some sort of music in the background that involves an accordion. I just simply cannot wait!! So I think for now I shall focus on the positives and on the trip itself and try to tell myself that the trip will be unending, so I quit dreading August 3rd.

Side Note: If someone would like to plan a surprise party for mine and Shannon's return, it wouldn't be the worst idea so that way August 3rd doesn't suck so much. Just a thought... (cough cough)

Love and Daydreaming at my desk when I should probably be collecting rent from people or something


Monday, May 9, 2016

72 Days and Counting

Shannon and I leave for Europe in 72 days!!! It is going to be here before we know it. Essentially two months away. I have the time off work, and Shannon and I have London all booked with a one way ticket... we are considering never coming home. Ok, maybe I am more than she is. But next we need to book our Paris stay, figure out all of the different trains we are taking, and then book our flight home from ROME!!

Between trying to book all of the travel, one of the things I get most excited about when I sit and dream about Europe is all of the fun ridiculously feminine outfits I will put together. Here are a few of my ideas so far...

Wandering Around Italy Outfit
My Train Hopping Outfit 

Picture me wearing this but on a Bicycle in Paris

Dinner out or an Evening Dancing if I change out the top

Words cannot express my excitement!! I have dreamed of this for so long and it is days away. I love the anticipation and the planning. It's half the fun. The adventures we will find over there, and the stories that will live with me forever. Someday when I have kids and grandkids, I can tell them about my time traveling Europe when I was young and got to see dreams become reality. Everyone should get to say that in their lifetime. I decided 2016 was the year! 

Thank you to those who dream with me in this, and know how special and important and exciting this is for me. And thank you to those friends who are helping us plan and understand the Countries better, so we don't get stolen or laughed at... 

Love and Europe Planning and Crying in Anticipation


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

BBG Final

So I did it!!! I finished 12 Weeks of Bikini Body Guide!! It was challenging for sure, but completely do-able! Even for those of you that do not work out super consistently. So much of this program I would say is setting aside the time to do it. If you schedule your workouts ahead of time, you are far less likely to skip them. 

What I Love Most about this Workout Plan: It is extremely structured. It tells you exactly what to do for each circuit, how long you do each circuit and when to take breaks. I needed this structure because I was missing my structured running schedule. I need an organized plan otherwise I am far more likely to cut corners or just not wake up for the workout. 

The Most Challenging Aspect: I would say the hardest part for me was Leg day. My knees just cannot handle tons of jump squats and burpies. I had to modify some of the circuits so as not to injure myself. But those of you with healthy knees, these workouts will be great for you! 

Would I Do it Again: I have actually learned a lot from these workouts, and have found that I built strength in my upper body (back, arms, shoulders) faster than when I would just go to the gym and lift weights. I love that the circuits are quick moving and involve 4 different movements in one circuit so as to keep you changing up which muscles you are working out. I would absolutely do this again, and plan to continue using these workouts at the gym. 

Can You do this from Home: Yes you could do these workouts from home, but you would have to get a little creative. The item I needed most at the gym was a bench. I used a bench in every single circuit just about. Whether it was for arms, legs or abs, you need a bench. I have seen some people use a table or a chair instead, so you could make that work. You will most likely want to purchase 5-10 pound free weights. I used 8 pounds anytime it called for free weights and I found that was the perfect amount. You will need a jump rope, a medicine ball and a yoga mat. A jump rope is fairly inexpensive, but a medicine ball you could probably just use your free weights instead. 

What Differences did I Notice in my Body Most: My abs. Again, I store my weight in my lower half (butt and thighs), so it is much easier for me to tone my upper body. I noticed my abs changing after the first week of this program. If you are built similar to me, you will probably notice the same changes. I desperately wish I had Carrie Underwood legs, but the reality is, it's just not my body type. I can focus more on trying to tone my legs, but I definitely noticed my upper body changing the most. 

What Would I Do Differently to Achieve Better Results: I purchased Kayla's Bikini Body Bundle. I think the total I spent was $60 or $70 for both the workouts and the diet plan. I read through the diet plan but never used a single recipe or suggestion really. I was dedicated to the workouts but didn't focus as heavily on my eating. I eat pretty clean overall, but if I were to follow her clean eating regimen, I'm sure I would have shaved off more weight in my lower half and seen better results in my legs in general. 

I think my biggest piece of advice to you if you are interested in purchasing these plans, would be again to SCHEDULE workout time. I knew if I was meeting up with friends in the evening, that I would have to wake up early before work to get my workout in. It wasn't easy, but I can assure you that you start your day with endorphin's being released all over the place, and you know that after work you can go relax or meet with friends and not have to go straight to the gym. I am a morning person, so I realize that for some working out before work isn't a realistic option, but maybe you should just try it?! I will usually wake up 15-30 minutes before I need to leave for the gym to make a cup of coffee which helps me stay motivated when I get to the gym and I feel a little more alive. Just some tips that help me in the morning. It's easier to get out of bed, when you have coffee to look forward to :) 

Let me know if you have questions about this routine. Summer is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start your 12 weeks to a Bikini Body ;) 

Click here to see my other post on Kayla's workout routine, and to see more progression photos. 

Love and Work Outs