Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weekending In Berkeley

Went running through Cal Berkeley campus and found this beauty. Something about Palm trees excites my every being. Sometimes I cheat on Oregon with California in my mind... and quite seriously consider moving there. 

Girllll, how you get all dat in dem jeans... Ha the funniest candid shot Katie took
My ride or die squad

Romper: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Charming Charlies on Sale Sandals: Steve Madden Nordstrom Rack

I can't help it, I just love the back of this Romper! You feel so feminine wearing it! 

For those of you that follow me on snap chat, I think you know how much of a blast I had in California!! Just the most wonderful day and a half spent with two of my dearest and oldest friends. Friday I flew in and we went to a Brewery for a drink and some dinner. We were pretty pooped that night so we went home and went to bed to wake up early to have a full day. Saturday morning I went for a run (trying to train for Hood to Coast) through Cal Berkeley campus and loved that. Made me wish I was back in College! Then I went back to Katie's adorable little garden nook apartment, and Lindsey and Katie were awake by then. We got ready pretty quick and were out the door with donuts and coffee on the brain. We really just wandered the streets, and the cute little city was already so awake! People out everywhere, and it was blue skies and 70 degrees. It was so fun just walking around, and catching each other up on life. After that, we went home and rested a bit before we put real clothes on, and went to do a little shopping before Happy Hour. Went to a ring vendor and bought some new fun stack-able rings. Then went to a place called Journeys for some appetizers and a glass of wine. From there we went and got some snacks to take with us to this huge rock monument where we sat and watched the sun set over the Bay. The night ended with us going home to create a music video to Justin Timberlake's new song "Can't stop the feeling." This is something we would do back in middle school ALL the time, so we felt it was fitting to reminisce. The next morning was coffee and breakfast at a local spot and then straight to the airport. A quick trip, but the most wonderful time of laughing, encouraging, loving each other, and a few tears here and there. Lindsey and I have been friends since we were 4 when we moved into the same neighborhood, and then Katie came to join us in 6th grade down the street. We have lots of memories and many years of being there for each other. So very thankful for these friendships and very thankful for a weekend away in the sun to recharge my batteries and just laugh.

Lindz and Kaddie Lou, I love you both so much and am very grateful we had last weekend together.

P.S I know I said I was waiting to share outfit deets for my jean romper until after Europe, but I just couldn't wait. I was too excited about it!!

P.S.S Maybe one of these days I will post the music video for everyone's viewing pleasure. We thought we were funny anyways... ha

Love and Berkeley


Monday, June 13, 2016

Finally I get to Talk About MEN'S HEALTH!

HUGE shout out to my good friend Dan Sagers for his athleticism and willingness to participate in my Blog! He makes Men's Health look good! 

June is Men's Health Month and seeing as how I think I possibly have more male readers than women, I thought it would be fun to do a post for you loyal male readers of mine! The only real reason I say I think I have more male followers than women, is because you men are really the only ones who actually tell me you read my Blog... ha. So big shout out to you guys and a big thanks!

Personally, I have always focused much more on the fitness/physical exercise side of staying healthy and in shape. I do eat fairly healthy overall, but I know I NEED to be BETTER on the diet side of my health and fitness routine, which you can find here. This isn't news to you guys, you know this about me already. But today, I am here to talk MEN'S health, so for the men in your life, or for you men reading this we need to go over a few things.

1) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go to the Doctor and get a check up. It's important to have your heart checked and your cholesterol levels, and get an update from a Doctor on how you're doing overall! Starting early so you feel more confident and comfortable going to see a Doctor is a really good thing, and will put the people in your life that care about you more at ease knowing you're healthy.

2) Eat a good breakfast that is full of PROTEIN! Whether that be Avocado on Toast, or Eggs with Chicken Sausage like I like, just make sure you are consuming calories in the morning to start your day right.

3) Get lots of SLEEP and drink lots of WATER!! Men I'm assuming are less picky about their skin, especially their face. However, water doesn't only keep your body going and your digestive system working properly but it is also incredible for your SKIN. Drinking lots of water promotes healthy glowing skin, and what person wouldn't want that?!

4) Take snacks with you to work that are healthy and full of protein to keep you going throughout the day. Looking for a great place to order healthy snacks from?! Please do yourself a favor and check out They have great healthy snacks you can find here. They also have great protein options you can find here. This company is great because they are family owned and they are also a convenience based company that will ship right to your doorstep!! They have all kinds of great snacks along with recipes you can use the ingredients for!

5) Lastly, make sure you are exercising. Whether that is through playing basketball with friends a few nights a week, or doing some cross-fit workouts like my friend Dan demonstrated in the pictures above. Just make sure you are getting some cardio in to help keep your heart strong.

So here's to you Men and to keeping you HEALTHY and THRIVING! Take care of yourselves. No one can do that for you. You get one body, so take care of it. Take note of what you put in your body and how you condition it. Do it for yourself, and do it for those in your life that love you, so you can be around longer to love them back.

Thank you again for reading, and remember to check out!!

Love and Men's Health


Friday, June 10, 2016

The Perfect Airport Fedora

The Fedora I have been looking everywhere for!! Found: Charming Charlies $15.00 

40 DAYS!!!!

40 days, and we are on a plane headed for London. Should you find yourself at the Portland Airport on July 19th, you will find me, wearing this ridiculously perfect traveling fedora and likely a Maxi dress. I haven't gotten quite that far to have that planned, but I am thinking it will likely be my Old Navy Black Maxi that will provide comfort for our roughly 11 hour flight. Style and comfort for a flight I might at times hyperventilate on... For those that know me well, they know that flying hasn't always been my favorite pass time. Most of my life I had accepted the fact that I would probably never experience other parts of the world because I wouldn't be able to sustain my composure on a flight over a few hours. I could fly to California, and that was my limit. But then I flew to Hawaii and later to DC, and I was completely capable on both of those flights and they gave me the confidence I needed to say, "I can do this, I can fly to Europe!" So here we are. I am still a little nervous, but hopefully I will be able to sleep most of the flight and when I wake up we will have arrived in London (morning time over there) and eager to stand in awkward phone booth photos and looking for those security guard guys to make laugh. I can't believe how soon our trip is!! I am trying to eat up every moment of the anticipation and excitement, and the planning of all of our activities. I can't wait to share with you all that we see and experience!!

FOR NOW... I am off to the airport to fly to San Francisco to spend the weekend with my Babes!! See you Sunday Portland!

Love and Airport Outfits are Half the Fun.. Am I right?!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Sweating in the Heat in my Denim Romper...

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Did you all survive the 100 degree weather? I guess I did, but I was a crank about it. I showed up to a BBQ/ Crawfish Boil Backyard New Orleans style concert thing on Saturday and we all stood in the shade pretty much just melting. The second I got out of my air conditioned Jeep I was a little miserable. When it's that hot out, I have a hard time focusing on anything but my level of discomfort. I am such a baby about the heat. To then go home to my non air conditioned house, usually means I go to my parents house to sleep. I would never survive in the desert, or in the South I don't think with all the humidity. I am a true PAC NW girl. I complain when it's raining all the time, I complain when it's too hot. I like it neutral in the 70's-80's range. The best part of the weekend was spending time with family, going to Sauvie's Island on Sunday with friends and getting to break out my new Urban Outfitters Denim Romper. I  would have taken more outfit photos for you, but you will be seeing this Romper featured in my Europe photos. That's originally why I bought it, but I just couldn't help but wear it on Satuday, it was too perfect. Thankfully this week it's already starting to cool down, and then next weekend I am flying to the Bay Area to visit my dear friend Katie with my friend Lindsey. The three of us grew up in the same neighborhood together, and have been friends ever since. I can't wait to have a fun girls weekend and be silly and wander around Berkeley and see her apartment, and eat good food and drink wine and reminisce. So Happy Monday to you all, already ready for the weekend...

Love and is it Friday Yet?