Monday, June 6, 2016

Sweating in the Heat in my Denim Romper...

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Did you all survive the 100 degree weather? I guess I did, but I was a crank about it. I showed up to a BBQ/ Crawfish Boil Backyard New Orleans style concert thing on Saturday and we all stood in the shade pretty much just melting. The second I got out of my air conditioned Jeep I was a little miserable. When it's that hot out, I have a hard time focusing on anything but my level of discomfort. I am such a baby about the heat. To then go home to my non air conditioned house, usually means I go to my parents house to sleep. I would never survive in the desert, or in the South I don't think with all the humidity. I am a true PAC NW girl. I complain when it's raining all the time, I complain when it's too hot. I like it neutral in the 70's-80's range. The best part of the weekend was spending time with family, going to Sauvie's Island on Sunday with friends and getting to break out my new Urban Outfitters Denim Romper. I  would have taken more outfit photos for you, but you will be seeing this Romper featured in my Europe photos. That's originally why I bought it, but I just couldn't help but wear it on Satuday, it was too perfect. Thankfully this week it's already starting to cool down, and then next weekend I am flying to the Bay Area to visit my dear friend Katie with my friend Lindsey. The three of us grew up in the same neighborhood together, and have been friends ever since. I can't wait to have a fun girls weekend and be silly and wander around Berkeley and see her apartment, and eat good food and drink wine and reminisce. So Happy Monday to you all, already ready for the weekend...

Love and is it Friday Yet?


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