Monday, July 18, 2016

Bon Voyage- What's Coming with Me on My European Excursion

Quick Disclaimer: I haven't exactly tried stuffing these items into my backpack and carry on, so I'm not really 100% sure everything is going to fit... BUT, there are a few items at this point that I know I could ditch if I really need to. I need to leave a little room too just in case I have some fun things to bring home from the trip. 

Here is what I am bringing...

1. Fun dresses and feminine clothing. I want to feel very girly while in Europe, and it's also going to be in the 90's the whole time we're in Italy so I figured dresses were a good plan. 

2. I got some cute new white sandals made my TOMS. I wanted to make sure I had something cute, but also good for walking long distances in. I'm also bringing my Chuck Taylors for walking around. 

3. I found some travel size Rick Steves books to come with us, which gives me a little more peace of mind to have a reference tool with us in the major cities.

4. Athletic wear for when we hike in Italy or for when we just want a quiet afternoon in a park laying on a blanket enjoying bread, wine and cheese. 

5. Hats for days when I don't want to wash my hair... and my curling iron for the days that I do. 

6. Travel size errrything for my toiletries since we won't be checking our bags. A few makeup items, moisturizer, sunscreen, a face mist made with vitamin E to keep my skin feeling moisturized throughout the trip, some advil, Benedryl to act as a sleep aid, ear plugs and shampoo and conditioner

7. A folder with all of our flights, train tickets, directions of how to get to our Air BNB's, hostels, copies of my passport and driver's license

8. Borrowing my Grandpa's Kindle to have some books to read on the flight. 

9. Snacks because apparently our airline charges for meals. (yes I'm serious, and yes next thing you know we will have to pay to use the restroom on a plane) 

10. Earbuds and a lock for storing things in our Hostel

Like I said, who knows if everything photographed will even fit in my backpack, but I have a feeling it fits more than you think.

HUGE SHOUT OUT to my family who came to my parent's house last night to throw me a surprise Bon Voyage party!!! I was so surprised and felt so loved as they all gathered around me at the end of the evening to pray for safe travels. With everything that has happened recently especially in Nice, France I do appreciate all of your concerns for those who have reached out to me. I have no fear going into this trip but I do want to be smart and safe. So for those of you praying for me, thank you so much it means a lot to me!! Oh and if you do want to be praying, please pray for my anxiety to be gone during the long flights. That is by far the part I am most anxious about. I have never been on a plane this long before and I am a little worried that I will get claustrophobic.

Can't wait to share my photos and experiences with you when I get back!! But until then....

Love and Bon Voyage!


Monday, July 11, 2016

Life Updates & Outfit Details

Jeans and Shirt: H&M; Necklace: Charming Charlies

I saw  this journal at Home Goods and just knew I had to take it with me on my adventures!

Celebrated Georgia Girl and her twin girlies arriving in September!!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks since I last blogged. I know it's been awhile and for that I apologize. My excuse: Lack of creativity, and lack of joyful inspiration.

Most of you know that I took a new job back in February as an Assistant Community Manager for a property in Beaverton. The job turned out to be different than what I expected. Without going into too great of detail... this job has taught me crisis management and has also helped me develop skills to de-escalate situations and to provide a calm in uncomfortable scenarios. I have been feeling like a human punching bag and I am worn out by it. I have lost joy for my profession. I have lost the feeling of satisfaction leaving my office at the end of the day because I was too busy trying to slow my heart rate down from the constant confrontation I faced with residents.

Life can be challenging. Jobs aren't always fun. But you do have control over situations you place yourself in, and I firmly believe that if you don't like your situation, you can CHANGE it. It's easy to make excuses and in my case I often feel guilty for helping myself out, if it means inconveniencing someone else. But I only let the guilt eat at me for so long before I decided to quit my job last week.

I'm not saying that the solution is  always to quit your job, or run away from your responsibilities. I wouldn't have quit my job if I hadn't lined up a different job for myself. But I was so tired of the abuse I was receiving. If you are in a similar situation, work related or personal life related you should examine it. Figure out a way to change it. Take control, and stop acting like a victim. Trust me, I know it's not easy. But I promise you fighting for happiness is worth it!!

Leaving for Europe 1 week from tomorrow!! After I get back in August, I will start my new job. More to come about that when I get home.

Happy Monday friends, make it a great day!