Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hood to Coast: Where Insanity Meets Incredible

Ridin' in Style

Timberline Lodge right before our first Leg with VAN 1


Keepin' it Classy inbetween runs

MG! Such a great teammate and friend!

Caught my Bestie right before she kicked off Leg 1 for her team!

Finshed, waiting on Van 2, and we were showered. Heavenly.


Look at those Medals!
Finishers minus Emily and Kiersten!
 Hood to Coast. What. An. Experience! 199 miles long, 12,600 participants. You are running in the extreme heat, you are running when it's cold. You run downhill, you run up a mountain. You run when the sun is up, you run in the middle of the night when it's pitch black and no one else is really around you with a head lamp and a reflector vest. You finish your leg and you aren't sure you can do another one. You run every 8 hours about. You sleep outside or in the Van. You have to go to the bathroom in the woods, or in a porta-potty. You have to eat at random and we never really had real meals. But you know what... I would do it again in a heart beat! The team bonding and cheering and physical limits you push with your body is unlike any experience. We were Van 1 and I was the 6th runner. So I always ran the baton to our next Van of runners. We got maybe 3 hours of sleep, some of us had heat exhaustion and some of us had bloody blistered feet but we fought through! Van 1's first set of legs were brutal because we were running in 95 + degree heat. Once we got back into Portland from the mountain some of us felt pretty sick. I especially wasn't sure I could run my second leg. But I chugged Gatorade and water and felt better by midnight which is right around when I ran my second leg. Second leg was nice and cool and once I finished my leg we went to Tent City to get some sleep. Even the 3 hours really helped recharge the batteries to then start our final leg. All of the camaraderie and Van support from our own team and from other teams was just so fun and encouraging! The Van support made a huge difference and made you want to push yourself even further. I ran 18 miles in roughly 24 hours and it was all different elements, and terrain. My body was pretty unsure about what I was doing to it, and my quads were pretty much shot by Saturday evening. I was so proud of my team, and we finished in 29 hours which I'm proud of! We didn't have the quickest exchanges... but you know what we had a blast! That was more what it was about for us as a team. It was so cool to see all of the celebrations and all of the excitement happening in Seaside. And no I didn't get to see Kevin Hart... :( But he did post a live video on Facebook that was pretty hilarious. You should watch it because he really does a good job of explaining the insanity that is Hood to Coast.

 If you ever get the opportunity to participate in this, DO IT! It is challenging and not for the faint of heart, but it is something I will always look back on and be proud of and have fond memories of! Looking forward to next year... if Dan let's me run again... ;)

**Shout out to the people who helped us compete and finish!! The friends that loaned us their Suburbans, the people who volunteered for our team, and the people who let us use their home to shower. When we got into Seaside Van 2 was on their final leg and so we were waiting for them to finish and we got to shower and clean up and rest and eat and drink coffee before they finished... We kind of got the better end of that...**

Love and Killing Myself for Fun



  1. Reading that was seriously more entertaining than you telling us about it over coffee at Starbucks! Proud of you sis! (again) (as usual) You're fearless. Love you.