Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Do you ever have moments where you feel invincible? Moments where nothing in the world matters outside the present moment you are in? I pretty much lived my whole life feeling that way until probably college. I grew up in a safe, warm, loving environment. I always had friends in school, things came pretty easy for me. I was good at sports, I did as well in school as I wanted to. And for the most part looking back, I think alot of that was confidence building (probably some cocky moments in there too...). I am thankful for the environment I was raised in, especially because on top of all of that confidence was this layer of appreciation that my parents taught me. It wasn't like we had all the money in the world, we did fine and I never really knew any different. My parents took care of everything and made sure our needs were always met. Sometimes it was harder for me to act like the crowd because I grew up in a Christian home with strict rules and boundaries for everything. While other girls were shaving their legs and wearing lipstick, I was allowed lip gloss and glitter for my cheeks that was it. But regardless, I knew who I was for the most part and because of that I had this confidence about me. It wasn't until College that I started realizing that life wasn't as easy as it had been for me. I started having to work alot harder for the things I wanted...

Last night I was driving home from the East side over the Ross Island Bridge which is beautiful that time of night with the sun going down. I had my windows down in my Jeep, just driving listening to music and I felt this moment of invincibility. The breeze blowing my hair, the perfect country song on the radio, I felt alive. The moment left quickly when I realized my route was closed and I had to find an alternative way home... but for that 45 seconds or however long it takes to drive over the bridge I felt invincible.

As I get older and I experience more in this lifetime the more I realize how fleeting this life is. How quickly time comes and goes. How short a day is. How quickly birthdays seem to come now and how tiring day after day can be. All the more reason why I am so happy I got to experience other cultures and see some of the ancient world when I had the chance. Because the reality is, we're not invincible as much as I would like to think we are. As much as I would like to think I will be young forever, I won't be. So I guess what I am trying to say is, live in every moment. EVERY moment. Be present. Be the best version of yourself today. Help others, and be kind. Put others before yourself. Years down the road from now I want to have made a difference for people whether that is in small or big ways. Because that is what Jesus would do (and did) and I want to be more like him.

Love and Feeling Invincible