Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ma New Favorite Summer Heels

Norstrom Rack: Steve Madden: $80.00

And yes I'm already aware my right foot's second toe is longer than my big toe... we all come with imperfections right?! It's what "makes us beautiful.." or some crap like that. Ha!

Then I went to Nike to get a few things for Hood to Coast that is THIS Friday!!

Not going to lie, pretty obsessed with this oversized sweater from their Sportswear Line

I went to to Nordstrom Rack with the very hopes that I would find exactly what I ended up finding. I was really hoping they would have been on sale, but that's ok..! They lace up the front which is fun and the heel isn't too tall that it makes walking hard. I am not the best heel walker, so when I wear my heels I have to be pretty sure about them. I know I bought them at the end of the season, but I have good feelings that they will still be perfect for next summer. (They also come in Brown in case anyone was curious). 

Next I went to the Nike Company Store. Still getting used to calling it that. I fell in love with that oversized cardigan and I am warning you ahead of time that I will probably be wearing this everyday in the fall... It's just the perfect sweater to lounge in with my yoga pants and can also be worn with jeans and a pair of Chucks. One of the better Nike trips I've made in awhile. The pants I'm wearing above are the most comfortable running pants. They are lightweight and have mesh on the back side for breath-ability. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. I wish they had other colors in them, but regardless I bought two pair because they fit so well and they aren't too long for my 5'4 self over here. Sometimes Nike makes their yoga pants so long so I end up looking like a dork who has to roll them up at the bottom. The last thing I bought was that cute highlighter sports bra. These bras are SO comfortable and I love them. I sleep in them mostly, they are not designed for running. Or I wear them if I'm just going to be lifting weights at the gym and not doing any cardio. 

Seriously CANNOT believe Hood to Coast is days away. I am so excited and a little nervous but I know it will be a blast. My team is great, and this again is the year of checking things off my Bucket List! 

Job Promotion
Bought my Jeep
Went to Europe
Run Hood to Coast

2016 has been pretty special for me so far. And there is still so much ahead. I am thankful to my family and friends who have helped make some of these dreams a reality for me, and also God for allowing these gifts in my life. 

Still ahead this year: My friend Ali gets married in Spokane, the Dierks Bentley Concert, and then time to Party with my dear friend Cayly as we get her MARRIED! Blessed to be part of her Wedding Day as a Bridesmaid and so looking forward to the celebrations! 

Love and Life is Pretty Dang Good


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