Monday, August 8, 2016

The Red Romper for Paris

Romper: Urban Outfitters; Sandals: TOMS

Purse: IDK, ask my Cousin... it's hers. 

This Parisian Fair is right next to the Louvre. We rode our bikes there, so beautiful. 

I am back in Portland, and ready to Blog about all of my favorite things that happened in Europe and the not so awesome moments we had too. Overall we were so fortunate to have the time that we did, and the trip was very smooth sailing. So excited to share with you my outfits from the trip, our favorite moments, and provide some tips for those of you looking to travel to Europe and the UK!

I think I told you guys that I had bought a few outfits to wear in Europe. Well this sassy romper was one of them. I loved the color, the sweetheart neckline and the tie in the front making it look a little like a dress. I originally bought it for Italy, which I think I wanted to save it for Italy because red feels more appropriately paired with the Italians... don't ask me why. In Paris I wanted to feel extremely feminine. So that meant floral and flowey dresses. However we had a few hiccups in Paris causing us to spend an extra day there which I am actually really glad for looking back.

Paris was my favorite. My absolute favorite. It was beautiful and magical and honestly everything I hoped it would be. They have cafes on every corner with outside seating that is the most inviting. It's an active city with everyone riding bikes around and walking. The temperature was pretty mild the whole time and we stayed in the CUTEST air bnb.

The neighborhood we stayed in was "Rue Cler," and it was minutes away from the Eiffel Tower. If you are at all planning a trip to Paris anytime soon and only need a Queen sized bed, I can let you know exactly where we stayed because it was such a great place and very central to any sight seeing you would want to do. It's close to the Metro, restaurants and other Historical Buildings such as Ecole Militaire.

As for the hiccups we faced...We received an email the day before we were supposed to fly to Italy, that our flight had been cancelled. Before we went into complete panic mode we called the airlines and after about 2 hours of frustration and being hung up on and people not speaking english, we were placed on a flight for the same day we were leaving originally. However instead of flying out super early in the morning to have most of the day in Florence, we were placed on an evening flight out of Paris. So that meant another morning and afternoon spent in Paris! At first we were bummed, but I am actually really glad we got an extra day in Paris because it was my favorite. We hadn't gotten a chance to wander around where the Louvre was, so I wanted to take some pictures over there. Being that we had an extra day, the Romper was going to be worn.

We had such an incredible 4 days in Paris. I have more to share about Paris on my next Blog. But for now, Happy Monday friends!

Love and my Love for Paris


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