Wednesday, September 28, 2016

All of the Feels in Florence

The Duomo 7th Century Gothic Cathedral

The Cutest Restaurants

The most beautiful Gothic Churches

The only picture we took all together in Florence I think and we were so pooped
Piazzale Michelango the Highest Point in Florence with Such Pretty Views!

The last city I have to tell you about! Sadly blogging about our last place makes me feel like the trip is really over now. It was fun to write about the places as if I was re-experiencing it all over again. 

We arrived late at night in Italy as our flight had been delayed in Paris due to the Stuartist's going on Strike with Air France. I was sad to leave Paris, but was beyond excited to experience Italy! When we arrived it was dark so we couldn't see much and we were a little uncertain of where our Hostel was. We decided to take a Taxi (the only Taxi we used the entire trip) to our Hostel and our dear friend Andrew was waiting outside for us when we arrived and we were so relieved to see him! He helped us check in and we put our stuff down and then he wanted to show us Firenze by night. So we found whatever we had left of energy and put our walking shoes on, to see Florence when it wasn't so crowded with people. We begged Andrew to stop first for Pizza so we grabbed a pie in the middle of the Piaza Del Duomo which was just amazing and completely surreal! Then we walked to see the Statue of David which I tastefully decided to leave out of my Blog, but you can of course Google it. We never ended up seeing the original, but we saw the replica outside and it was pretty incredible. I still kind of wish I could have seen the Original, but someday when I go back! 

My favorite moment of our time in Florence was when we were walking back from our dinner one evening, all three of us supporting a pretty good wine buzz and we started singing Journey "Don't stop believing" (naturally). As we continued walking back to our Hostel I started to hear live music being played in the square. We slowed down and listened closely and realized the live music being played was the SAME song we had been singing at the exact same time! We were so excited and instantly ran over to where it was coming from. We sat down at this restaurant to listen and felt so at home with these Italian people singing songs we recognized. We sang along pretty loudly and were having the best time. It was one of those feel good moments. Like life is as it should be. Just pure fun. Hands down my favorite moment in Florence. 

Aside from the fun live music we heard and the beautiful views and architecture, I of course loved the Leather Good shopping! Oh man, we were kind of in Heaven. So many fun purses and jackets and jewelry. We had alot of fun shopping. 

We also went on a short hike up this hill to the Piazzale Michelangelo where you had almost 360 views of the city. We made it up there for the Sunset and we were all pretty exhausted and my feet were killing me because we walked SO much in Florence. It was at least a mile from our Hostel to the center of town, so by the time I checked my phone we had walked 12 miles one day. My feet hated me after Florence, and I was in so much pain that Shannon was so sweet and gave me a foot massage, which was the spitting image of Jesus to me that day as I was so hurting. People DO NOT play around when they say that you need proper walking shoes in Europe. It's not worth it to wear something super cute over practical. I learned my lesson for sure. 

I loved Italy in general. Florence was my least favorite of the 3 places we went in Italy, but it was still magical. The views, the music, the architecture, the people, the cappuccinos (TO DIE FOR), the Hostel, the food, the Gelato and all the feels. 

I cannot wait to go back to Italy one day, the Beauty is UNREAL!! If you are planning a trip to Italy or Europe in general and want some advice or tips, I would love to sit and talk with you about it! 

Love and Italy Feels 


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  1. I've been reading your blogs about the places you've been visiting, they're amazing. It's sad that you will not be writing more about places. But hopefully we see more good from you.