Monday, October 24, 2016


I am such a blend of these two people
"See mom selfie sticks DO come in handy!"

And just so y'all know, I bought the selfie stick in Europe and in really did come in handy. Just sayin'

A little overexposed, but I love this family of mine

This weekend I had a funeral to go to. One of my dearest friend's mom went to be with Jesus almost 2 weeks ago. I sat in the service and tried my hardest to keep it together as I had forgotten to stick a few tissues in my purse. Regardless my emotions didn't care that I had nothing to wipe the tears away with. I watched the slide show of Shauna's mom's life and I couldn't help but place myself in her shoes. In fact, Shaun's mom died of breast cancer and my mom's mom died of breast cancer when she was just a few years younger than Shauna. 

I sat in the pew on Saturday, and cried. I cried for my dear friend who bravely stood up in front of us all and shared why she will miss her mom and why her mom Shelly was such a wonderful selfless woman. I cried for Shauna's dad who now has an empty house to himself, and I cried for Shauna's siblings. 

I cried for myself knowing my biggest fear in life is losing my mom. She is the heart and soul of our family. She is the truest form of love I have ever known on this earth. She is selfless and positive. She is the hardest working person I know, but still makes time for us kids, and my dad and puts our needs ahead of hers. She is my best friend, but still knows when I need to just be hugged and loved on as a mom. She is the best Grandma, and the one who fills our home with laughter and music. She is always singing and ALWAYS praising God for the good and the bad that life brings. She is the rock of our family and the most beautiful woman I know. 

We spent Sunday in Hood River for our annual Moon Hood River trip. I think I was even more grateful this year for the family I have, and the togetherness we fight for. The Moon family loves one another and laughs together and defends one another and we act like children alot... 

I am so thankful for every one of them, and so proud that they belong to me. I love you Moon's, ya bunch of weirdos! 

Love and Appreciating What I Have


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rehearsal Dinner and Bridesmaid Outfit Details!

 Rehearsal Dinner Dress: Forever 21, Hat: Old Navy, Sweater: Target Under the dress I have brown booties on too from Target, to make this summer dress just a little more fall
Dress: Lulu's; Heels: Jessica Simpson **My friend Shannon sewed on the lace to the bottom of my dress to give it just a touch of dimension. I love how it turned out!

Bridesmaid Pic with Molly. 

Cayly got us the cutest champagne glasses with our names on them! And also... I want to point out that I did my own makeup for the wedding y'all! I was so nervous but was so proud of how it turned out. You have NO idea how many freaking you tube videos I watched. Doing makeup is not my thing, so I was excited it didn't look like I got punched in the face. Ha!

Just beautiful and perfect and sexy and everything else, you fill in the blank. 

Love Ryan too and excited to welcome him into our friend family!
It was a lovely weekend. Exciting and also emotional. Not only did we send this girl off into married life, but that married life happens to be in Orange County.. :( 

I am so thrilled for her to start her new life down there with Ryan, but selfishly wish she could stay in Portland. Cayly is one of my dearest friends. Loyal and compassionate. A friend who knows my truest heart, and is always able to relate to me. You don't find friends like Cayly very often, so I want to hold onto her so tight. I also know that just because she lives in California does NOT mean our friendship is over, it just looks different now. Looking forward to visiting hopefully in the early part of the New Year! 

The whole wedding though was prayed over and blessed because Oregon was supposed to sustain some pretty heavy winds and rainfall and we did get a little of that, but nothing like the weather channel had predicted. The Lord's favor was certainly with us that day. 

She was elegant and beautiful, Ryan so handsome in his suit. They make a pretty great couple. I was so thrilled and honored to be one of Cayly's Bridesmaids and already can't wait to see that girl again. 

Love you Conger's, see you soon!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Healthy Hair Routine

My hair has been such a work in progress for such a long time. I had the hardest time growing my hair out past my shoulders. My hair was damaged and the ends were constantly breaking. For 1) I change my hair color every 4 months or so, and 2) I use to wash, blow dry and style my hair every day. About a year ago, I realized that hair routine of mine had to change if I ever wanted to grow my hair out. 

My Hair Routine Now: 

1. I only wash it every 3 days. All you haters out there who think it's so gross or whatever, please know that doesn't mean I do not shower. It just means I don't shampoo and condition my hair while in the shower. The shampoo I do use on a daily basis is dry shampoo. I know this is old news at this point, but it really is a life saver. It not only makes your hair smell amazing, but it also soaks up the oil in your hair so you don't walk around looking greasy all day. It also helps for teasing your hair on day 1 when your hair has no grip because it's newly washed and silky smooth. 

2. I try to wear my hair naturally curly at least 3 days a week, so I am not applying any kind of heat to it. That has really helped and my natural curl is completely back. For awhile I lost it because my hair was so damaged back in college. But the curly mop is back and I try to embrace it more often. 

3. I put a hair mask on my hair once a week or once every two weeks at the latest. I put the mask in at night and just sleep with it in my hair and rinse it out in the morning. Keep in mind you will want to change the pillow case of the pillow you used because all of that oil from your hair isn't good for your face. So just change it out once you have slept on it. 

4. THE BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MY HAIR WAS: Taking Biotin Gummy Vitamins. It has been a game changer not only for my hair but for my nails and skin too. It really helps your hair and nails grow, and adds softness and shine to your hair. I get my bottle from Costco and take 2 gummies every day. I think the bottle only costs $10. It is WORTH it, I promise you. 

All of these items and this routine has really helped my hair grow. My hair is the longest it's been in I don't know how many years, probably since early college days. I just decided it was worth it to care for my hair. And hey the perk is, it takes less time to get ready in the morning, which is always a good thing. Keep in mind that if you are working out and your hair gets a little sweaty and it's only day 1 or 2, just add the dry shampoo. It will clean it right up. I promise it's not gross. 

What do you do that works for you? What am I missing? Please share any of your tips or favorite products in the comments below. I love to learn new beauty tips and tricks! 

Target or Ulta


Love and Healthy Hair


Friday, October 7, 2016

Never Forgetting Who You Are

I liked this quote a lot. It reminded me of the Katie at Oregon State University struggling to decide what to get a degree in, and fighting desperately to even graduate. I started out going to College so I could be where my friends were, and so I could have a good time. I enjoyed some of my classes. Mostly the ones that were Communication based or Human Development related or had a cute Baseball player in it. But over time I realized that I needed to take school seriously if I was going to graduate and even more so that I could discover what I was passionate about! I started this Blog when I was a Junior in College. It started as an outlet for me. A vehicle to express my creativity and organize my thoughts. Still to this day, that is what this is with a little more fashion incorporated. But somehow this Blog and with the help of friends and family who also encouraged me, I started to see that I was capable. I made a decision to start believing in myself and to quit telling myself that I had a learning disability or that I was ADD, or that I was just somehow not smart enough to finish. I'm serious, I even at one point went to see a counselor to see if he would be willing to diagnose me with ADD in hopes that would explain  my lack of commitment to school somehow and that he could prescribe me some adderall to help my concentration... But really I was just lazy and unmotivated.  

But I saw this quote the other day on Pinterest and knew I wanted to use it at some point. I like the empowerment. Because you know what, some days I don't wake up as the best version of myself. Some days I want to stay in bed and throw my alarm clock out the window. Some days, I need multiple cups of coffee and also reminders like this one that, I am capable, that I am great at my job, that I am able to do hard things, and I can take care of myself. 

God reminds me that I am loved, and that I am unique, and that I am blessed. 

Blessed by Friendships (soooo many friends not pictured)

Blessed with Health and a desire to be active

Blessed with Creativity and a Joy to share that with others

Blessed with Family (two of my favorite people in the universe, Marg and Steve, AKA mom and dad not pictured)

Blessed with the ability and the desire to Travel
And someday, I know God has promised I will be a Mama someday and will be blessed to call those babes mine. *This babe is my friend Bethany's baby Havily, and I considered taking her home to live with me, but Bethany needed her back for something... whatever. ;) 

Today, hold true to WHO you are, and REMEMBER; "You were made to do hard things, so believe in yourself"!!

Love and Remembering