Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rehearsal Dinner and Bridesmaid Outfit Details!

 Rehearsal Dinner Dress: Forever 21, Hat: Old Navy, Sweater: Target Under the dress I have brown booties on too from Target, to make this summer dress just a little more fall
Dress: Lulu's; Heels: Jessica Simpson **My friend Shannon sewed on the lace to the bottom of my dress to give it just a touch of dimension. I love how it turned out!

Bridesmaid Pic with Molly. 

Cayly got us the cutest champagne glasses with our names on them! And also... I want to point out that I did my own makeup for the wedding y'all! I was so nervous but was so proud of how it turned out. You have NO idea how many freaking you tube videos I watched. Doing makeup is not my thing, so I was excited it didn't look like I got punched in the face. Ha!

Just beautiful and perfect and sexy and everything else, you fill in the blank. 

Love Ryan too and excited to welcome him into our friend family!
It was a lovely weekend. Exciting and also emotional. Not only did we send this girl off into married life, but that married life happens to be in Orange County.. :( 

I am so thrilled for her to start her new life down there with Ryan, but selfishly wish she could stay in Portland. Cayly is one of my dearest friends. Loyal and compassionate. A friend who knows my truest heart, and is always able to relate to me. You don't find friends like Cayly very often, so I want to hold onto her so tight. I also know that just because she lives in California does NOT mean our friendship is over, it just looks different now. Looking forward to visiting hopefully in the early part of the New Year! 

The whole wedding though was prayed over and blessed because Oregon was supposed to sustain some pretty heavy winds and rainfall and we did get a little of that, but nothing like the weather channel had predicted. The Lord's favor was certainly with us that day. 

She was elegant and beautiful, Ryan so handsome in his suit. They make a pretty great couple. I was so thrilled and honored to be one of Cayly's Bridesmaids and already can't wait to see that girl again. 

Love you Conger's, see you soon!!


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